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When looking to get started in making pottery, the first thing you might consider is going to Amazon. Amazon has everything, but what is the best type of pottery clay Amazon has for you to try out on your next pottery project? There are many, and in this article, we will discuss the most popular pottery clay that you can purchase on Amazon, including what will really make your pieces shine, and why they matter, along with a link for each of these. You’ll be able to use this effectively to make an informed decision, and also create some amazing pottery that you’ll feel proud of in no time! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to create some amazing pottery pieces that you will enjoy!

Air Dry Clay

Our first contender is air dry clay, which if you have a MindWare pottery wheel, is perfect for this. It’s air-dry clay, meaning that it won’t get fully hard like other types of pottery clay, but it’s definitely worth it. It’s quite popular, with great reviews, and while you can’t get it with Amazon Prime, it’s still worth checking out.

You can purchase this product here.

Some of the notable features of this include the following:

  • Perfect for beginners, especially those learning how to wedge small pieces of clay or work on the wheel
  • You can use this with kids since it is air-dry clay and isn’t toxic
  • Doesn’t require heat, which may be good if you’re starting out and you want to learn how to shape or use the wheel
  • It’s versatile, so you can use this for pots, sculptures, mugs, or anything you put your mind to
  • This also comes with illustrations for making pinch, and coil pots, so if you want to learn how to make those, this is how
  • A very easy-to-use clay, and super nice to try out

How can you use this clay?

The air-dry clay can be your best companion when you want to create something new with a very quick approach. This clay is no exception! The clay is very simple to use, as it is fresh enough to get molded into the shape and structure you want. Here are the various usages it offers:

  • Best for budding artists. You can easily create beautiful projects with these 7 pounds of clay lump.
  • Easy sculpting practice for beginners is very easy.
  • The complete kit includes all the essential items that you need for a full project, which lets you create a very attractive round and small piece with the pottery wheel and pedal facilities.
  • You can also use this for any of the quick sculptures for your art school lessons.

The ingredients in this aren’t going to hurt either, and they don’t contain phthalates.

It’s got mostly 5-star reviews from those on Amazon, and if you want to keep it around for the next time you plan to use it, you want to re-wrap it in a plastic bag. This is slightly messy, but what do you expect when you’re working with clay?

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Rocky Mountain White Clay

For those who are looking to use clay that allows you to fire at lower cones, this is a great one. This is white clay, and it’s got some great features to it. Some of them are as follows:

  • A decent price for about 5 pounds of clay
  • The clay can be used to hand-build, throw, or even sculpt, and it’s super easy to use
  • Good for school, or for actual bigger projects
  • It’s versatile, so those who aren’t advanced can get benefits from this
  • Fires at a low temperature, only 06

How do you use it?

Using this clay is simply very easy. It is very pliable and offers you the proper experience that can elevate your mood while working with pottery. The Rocky Mountain white clay is simply very pliable and easy to use. Here is how you can use it:

  • You can simply use it for any of the pottery pieces or sculptures.
  • The clay works great for hand-building pieces.
  • If you want to practice glazing techniques, then this one is undoubtedly superb.

If you’re interested in this, you can purchase this one here.

This is good clay if you want to learn how to make different pieces, and don’t want to spend a ton of money on more expensive clay. You can air dry this one, but it will be decorative and only chalk hard. You won’t be able to use this for consumption. When it comes to throwing, it’s soft on the wheel and doesn’t have a lot of grog, so if you are using it to make small pieces, it’s ideal.

According to reviews, Jaime Schroyer loved this, mostly because you get more than you expect. It’s good because it’s elastic, so you can use it on the wheel ideally, and for some hand-building sculptures. It has a good drive too and isn’t brittle. It’s moist, and it does dry so that coils can be made without cracking. Many praises this clay, including the Rossi family that says that the clay is wonderful and has a good consistency.

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Activa Blackjack Low-Fire clay

You can check out the clay and purchase it here.

This is a great black natural clay that’s perfect if you want to make a piece with some black clay. It’s a natural clay with different blends attached to it, it’s got some amazing factors and traits that are attached to it. They are as follows:

  • Due to the several different types of natural clay, it’s got a smooth consistency that’s made for workability
  • Can be used for simple crafting, throwing on the wheel, or even just making sculptures, and the fact that it’s got a special consistency means it can be used for a lot of different projects
  • Good for both beginners and professionals
  • Can be used to bring consistent results at every single level
  • Can be fired low to medium fire, from -06 to 04 ideally
  • Can be used with a glaze
  • Dries in a white color despite having a darkish tone to it

How do you use it?

The blackjack low-fire clay is simply great for any kind of pottery project. Using it is really fun as it is pliable in the right amount. You can simply wedge it, knead it and transform it into a piece of artwork for your project. Here is how you can use it to make a variety of pieces:

  • You can use it for making any of the sculptures.
  • This clay is simply great if you are trying to learn basic firing techniques.
  • If you are thinking of firing your pottery using an oven, then you can simply go out for this one, as it is better to fire without a kiln.
  • Also, it is suitable for the kiln if you want to try out the firing cycle range.

According to reviewers, it’s a clay that many people like. From A. Cheffy, says the following: “Perfect for sculpting. My hands feel like I’m working in butter that yields to me.

Minute details are easy. I have no intention of firing my work though, so, I can’t give a proper aspect of the firing end but, other than that, I have mad respect for this clay. It’s highly malleable and takes intricate details like a champ.” It’s a great clay, and Magickwyrd also had good things to say about this clay as well, including the following “Great plasticity, creamy and not sticky, one of my favorite clay for throwing. This is dense and smooth, with no grog, but it holds its shape with a wheel. I like it a little dryer, so I use a small fan on low while I am throwing, which just gives it a little set-up when I am doing a final smoothed shape. The bisque is white and good at 04. The manufacturer says this clay can be fired up to 5 but I haven’t fired mid-range yet so I can’t give witness. I have used a variety of commercial glazes and underglaze, this seems to be fairly consistent in glaze outcome. Any mistakes were probably my preparation steps rather than glaze fit. I recommend to new students and potters looking for a flexible clay with relatively consistent throwing qualities.” Overall, it’s a very popular clay, and since it can be fired to higher levels, it’s good for those more advanced in pottery making.

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Low-Fire Earthenware Clay

You can get some clay, and use it for yourself by buying it here.

This is another super popular earthenware clay, and it’s something that many people do love to use. It’s a professional potter’s clay, so if you’re going to use this for anything that is a bit more extensive in terms of working the clay. It’s a great clay for a great price, and it comes with the following details:

  • Is a beautiful cream-white clay
  • Is 50 pounds, so you’re getting a lot for a great price
  • You can use this on both a mold or a pottery wheel
  • Can be used to create virtually anything
  • Has a high-quality base to it, and it’s used for art projects and such
  • It is a great product that allows for extended working time, so you can use this in both a classroom or home studio setting
  • Is dark gray but then fires to a white bisque, and then it matures from this point to a white that’s bright
  • Non-toxic
  • Can be fired to about cone 06-04, but if you want to fire it high, it can handle temperatures of up to cone 5

How do you use this clay?

The low-fire moist earthenware clay is simply great when you want to achieve a white clay appearance. Whether you want to wedge it or you want to use it for creative building, this one is just superb. Here is how you can use it:

It’s the perfect clay for if you want to do a bisque fire, but also a ceramic fire.

The customers like it as well, and one of them said, “Comes as two blocks of 25lbs. each and fires to more of what I’d call a bone-white than a cream white. Slightly more gray than a cream would be, at least to me. We’ve fired it up to cone 04 so far, soon going to try cone 6 (Even though I don’t think it’s rated that high). Nothing has exploded so far, including my ridiculously lopsided attempts to turn bowls. We do handle it for 8 hours at ~200 before doing the actual firing, but that’s just our normal process.”

Steve also said that it was a good clay, and said the following, “top of the line everything as described.” It’s a great clay to work with, and if you want to use it with both kids, and adults, or even in a ceramics class at a professional level, this is the way to go.

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Amaco Low-Fire Terracotta

This is another great clay, for an amazing price. If you’re looking to create some terracotta ware, this is ultimately the way to go. It’s A LOT of clay for an amazing price, and Amaco is a great clay company that will give you clay that you can trust.

Some of the notable features this clay possesses include the following:

  • It’s 50 pounds of clay, so you’re not going to be running out anytime soon
  • Fires at a low temp, and is a great earthenware clay
  • It’s great for people of all skill levels and s good if you want something simple, yet effective
  • Due to the blend that it has, it does resist shrinking, cracking, and even warping
  • Fires from Cone 06-5 and the color can be anything from dark red to brown, based on the firing temperatures

How do you use it?

This Amaco low-fire Moist Terra Cotta Stoneware clay is simply great for your multipurpose use. The clay is very easy to work with. It is well manageable and lets you have a great experience while working. Here is how you can use it:

  • You can use it to build fashionable terracotta pieces.
  • You can create a tub and bowl for your gardening.
  • This clay is great for forming jewelry and chunk crafts.
  • If you are looking for clay that you can bake, then this one is the perfect one.

This is an amazing clay that is a great price for what you’re paying. However, according to the reviewer X. Suzi, there was one concern with it, and that’s as follows: “I have been surprised how much this clay slumps and shrinks in the bisque fire, making it impossible to make mugs that don’t lean, of pieces with lids that fit correctly. Also, it seems a bit inconsistent on the wheel. On the bright side, it has a really rich red color.”

With this clay though, the downsides are much less than the plus points, so you’re getting a beautiful clay that works well for many different elements. It does have a few consistency issues, but if you’re looking to learn about this, and make your own pieces with it, you can get it here.

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Amaco High-Fire Moist Non-toxic Stoneware clay

If you want great stoneware clay, then you’ve come to the right option. This one is made by Amaco, which is a great company, and it contains the following characteristics:

  • It’s stoneware but with porcelain characteristics when fired
  • It has lots of plasticity and whiteness
  • It does have a good body to it
  • It’s good for throwing, rolling slabs, and modeling with your hands
  • It’s not toxic
  • Doesn’t have grog, but is strong enough for throwing
  • It can be fired at cone 10 if you want
  • It can be white when oxidized or gray when in the reduction

How can you use it?

The Amaco High-fire moist non-toxic stoneware clay is simply great when you want to use it for a variety of purposes to build a hardy piece. The clay is simply versatile when it comes to using it. Here is how you can use it properly:

  • It is very useful when you want to create large pottery pieces.
  • For practicing the high-fire techniques, it is better to use this clay as it can easily bear a high enough temperature.
  • It is great to use when you want to practice pit firing to color your pottery pieces.

It’s got good reviews, and one art teacher said this about it, “As an artist and art teacher I have used stoneware clay for years. This clay is just as good as any I have ordered from Amaco or other companies, ships faster, and costs less. The shipping costs are far less than other companies. Thank you so much for your products, lower costs, and quick shipping.”:

This is a great clay and is perfect if you’re looking to have clay that will fire high, and almost look like it’s porcelain as well. It’s super easy to use and is perfect for those who want to make sure they create beautiful pieces.

You can check out this clay here if you’d like, and you’ll be impressed with the results.

Amaco Low-Fire Brownstone clay

If you are interested in trying out this clay, you can check it out here.

This is another super popular clay, and it’s a brown one. It is pretty good for your average project, and many do have great success with this one. It’s a decent price for what you’re getting for it, and while it may not come with as much as the other types of clay that are out there, it’s still pretty worthwhile.

Some of the features for this include the following:

  • It’s like stoneware clay, so if you want something that is hard and durable, and good for cookware, then this is the way to go
  • It can be fired at higher temperatures, so you can use this up to cone 05
  • It is good for lower temperatures too and works at cone 05 as well
  • It doesn’t contain talc
  • It isn’t toxic
  • It contains 50 pounds for each purchase
  • You can keep it in the container until you use it

How do you use this clay?

The Amaco Low-fire brownstone clay is simply great when you are looking for a very hardy clay that is suitable with the low-fire setting. It comes with a brown appearance which makes it suitable for versatile usage. Here is how you can use it properly:

  • It is very reliable when you want to have very strong and durable clay work.
  • This clay is fine for detailed sculpture works.
  • It is good for achieving better glazing consistency, and this goes completely great with the low-fire glaze compatibility.
  • There is no need to use extra grog for this clay as it works fine without cracking.

This product is pretty good, and most who use Amaco have seen some great results with it. If you’re looking for clay that’s simple to use and is pretty effective, then this is definitely the way to go. Plus, the dimensions aren’t too much so you’ll be able to create a great piece with a little bit of clay, which is always a good thing to do.

Aurora Potter Dave’s Porcelain Clay

If you’re looking for great and unique porcelain clay, then this is the way to go. With this type of clay, you’ll be able to fire it high and get an even higher and more beneficial result from this. It’s a popular clay, and while it does cost a little bit more money, it’s because you’re getting a lot for the product that you’re about the purchase.

Some of the notable characteristics of this are the following:

  • It is a very unique color, meaning that it will actually fire into an “off-white” color when it’s in an oxidation environment, and if you fire it in reduction, it actually becomes a gray color
  • It has a very smooth texture
  • It’s very easy to throw clay
  • Will hold its form
  • It will allow you to fire to higher temperatures with the confidence you won’t have with other products
  • It is foolproof
  • It has 25 pounds, so you’ll be able to get a lot of clay from this

How do you use it properly?

The Aurora Potter Dave’s porcelain clay is simply great when you want to use it for your multipurpose porcelain projects. You can achieve the white result after firing it properly. Also, it comes with a variety of perks when you use it. Here is how you use it:

  • You can make any fast and low-fire projects.
  • It is great if you want to work on making dishes.
  • You can simply fire the porcelain using the oven or low-fire kiln.

You can try out painting instead of glazing the pottery piece

If you’re looking for a good type of clay to use in order to get a lot of great results, then you can definitely do so with this. Plus, since it does contain a different set of colors based on the range of firing that you do, you’ll be able to achieve some pretty textures and amazing results from this. If you’re curious about this product, and you want to try it out, you can always get it here.


Aurora Pottery Ceramic Clay

Our final product, is the Aurora pottery ceramic clay, this time a porcelain one. This is one that comes in a variety of different amounts, based on how much you need, with the largest amount being 50 pounds, it is a little bit pricier, but since it is premier porcelain clay, it comes with the territory. With this clay, it comes with a wide variety of different characteristics, including the following:

You can check out this clay here if you’re looking for a great clay that allows you to have amazing results from it.

  • It’s the perfect clay for wheel-throwing
  • It is a premium cream-white porcelain clay
  • It’s water-based and natural, meaning that it’s very easy to form and throw
  • If you’re making tableware, tile, jewelry, crystals, or whatever, it’s the ideal clay
  • You can fire this in a pit if you want to pit-fire it
  • You can also crystal fire this clay
  • You can use this for medium or small hand-building if you want to
  • It’s got a smooth texture, and it will give you great results when you glaze it
  • When it’s wet, it’s a cream or white color, and it fires to off-white when oxidized, and gray-white in the reduction
  • It is a very high-fire clay, getting up to levels of cone 10 if you want to fire that high

This is the premier clay if you’re looking to get some amazing results with this if you want to fire to higher levels, and if you want to get a great and smooth porcelain texture when you’re working with this clay, then this is the way to go.

The reviews also agree that this is probably the best porcelain clay for you to try out. Datrebor, for example, said it was a great clay and had this to say about it, “This is a great clay for throwing and modeling. I use cooking cutters to get the shape I want and this is easy to work with. Although if you find you love working with clay I recommend buying the larger size to get a better price.”

Another reviewer called Arigato had this to say, “excellent clay and great service.” While it is on the pricey end as another person pointed out, with porcelain clay, you’re usually paying a little bit more to get something great from it, and that’s a huge part of making sure that you choose a good clay.

This clay is good, and it does the job and then some. If you want good porcelain clay that won’t melt, then you’re in luck.

With this, you can see here that there are many different types of clay. The best thing for you to do is to decide for yourself the type of clay that you want, and also choose something that best benefits your projects. That way, you’re getting what you want, and some great results from this as well.

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