Why a Pottery Wheel for Beginners is the Way to Go?

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Do you want a pottery wheel for beginners? It can be hard to find the right one, but fortunately, after searching for a long time, I discovered that this pottery wheel for beginners is the way to go. Why is that the case? Well, read on to find out in my review of this pottery wheel for beginners, and why it’s something that I can say is worth checking out.

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Perfect for Any crafty side!

One great thing about this is that it’s great for those who are a bit worried about being crafty. After all, we’re often taught to be perfect, and when we try new things, it can be scary. When I first got into pottery, this was recommended to me, and I thought it was stupid to get a basic one, but here’s the thing, it’s super simple.

Some of the features I enjoyed were the following:

  • It is simple to use, so it allows me to unleash my crafty side
  • Is so easy that it’s made for children, so it’s not like you’re going to not understand it
  • Comes with the ability to master creations on a personal level
  • Comes with a lot to try out

When I first began with this, I was hesitant. After all, is this the right thing for me? I didn’t know if a children’s kit would work, but there are more features here to highlight, and I’m going to go over them all.

Stronger than ever!

One big thing about pottery wheels that I worry about, is how strong they are. One problem with many of the beginner wheels that I’ve seen is that they’re cheap. After all, they’re not made to last, they’re made as a temporary solution.

This isn’t the case. This wheel is strong and I noticed as I used it, that it’s pretty durable for a basic pottery wheel. Here are some of the important elements of this, and why I consider it to be the strongest, and one of the best.

  • It’s practically made to be kid-proof, meaning that if a kid messes with it or drops it, it won’t ruin the machine
  • It is made for mistakes, so if someone gets upset and does pound at it or makes mistakes, it won’t completely ruin it
  • Has some amazing features that last you years
  • The safety stop stops the motor if you’ve got too much pressure applied to it.
  • Is so strong that it won’t overheat and it will allow you to learn how to apply the right kind of pressure

I tried to test out how strong it was. I did use techniques that were a bit harder, was careless like how some children might be when beginning, and I even got frustrated at it. And the amazing thing was, I didn’t completely trash it. Instead, I was able to use the machine without any problems, and I was so proud of myself. I mean, it wants you to do this, it practically demands that you use this and learn about it, and that’s what I love about it. It’s so strong, so you are getting your money’s worth on it.

Allows you to Truly Learn

One big thing about other wheels that I noticed, is that they are daunting. This one practically pushes you to learn how to do this, by creating the following:

  • It gives you an easy foundation to work with.
  • Has the ability to let you paint with paints that are included
  • Allows you to learn from illustrated instructions versus a wall of text
  • Is very kid-friendly, but also overall beginner-friendly

In the past, I’ve tried to learn on a machine like this. I tried another pottery wheel. When I did use this, I didn’t feel overwhelmed like in the past. Kids don’t have the patience to truly feel like they’re going to get somewhere with their pottery if the machine is too complicated. I know I would give up if I had a complicated machine, and most children do as well.

Buying the right pottery wheel is scary, and you mustn’t take on too much too fast.

That’s why I love this. It encourages creativity, which is something that some pottery tools lack. I feel like I’m learning from this, and it’s not just me struggling about trying to understand.

The instructions, they’re quite simple, and they involve the following:

  • This a little bit of text to tell you what to do
  • Illustrations that showcase what it is that you have to do
  • Some tips to make it so that you’re able to understand the pottery wheel better
  • Tips for the foot pedal and how much force to apply

These directions are some of the best. I feel like I learned, and it wasn’t just me awkwardly reading a couple of points on a piece of paper, and it wasn’t made to be super complex. It’s something that I truly love about it, and I do think that once you start with this, you’ll want to continue. I do know a lot about pottery now, more than I did before.

A Wheel Speed Everyone Will Enjoy

The biggest plus point that this has that I want to touch on, is the wheel speed. This is a basic wheel, so it’s not like it’s going to go super fast, but it’s not going to be too slow as well.

There are some points with a pottery wheel that are important to discuss when talking about wheel speed, and they are as follows:

  • If the wheel is too slow, it won’t shape the clay
  • If it’s too fast, you’ll feel overwhelmed when you use this
  • You need to be able to master a wheel speed that is comfortable for you

These are all huge points. Getting an electric wheel that’s too powerful can create problems. When I’ve worked with other machines, usually I’d have one of the two problems that are listed there. But, this time that wasn’t the case. It was such a manageable speed that even a kid could use this! That means that you have more control, and can create different items easily with the help of this wheel.

I realized as I began with this, that using the wheel is something that I can do myself. I didn’t mess up on pieces, and instead, you’re getting a wheel that allows for ultimate control and comfort, so that you can learn.

And, with the automatic stop, if you’re overwhelmed, or you’re pressing too hard on this, it will essentially tell you and let you know that hey, you need to chill out on the pressure there. It’s super nice, and it’s something that I like about this.

So yes, this wheel is for people of all ages, not just children. It is more for children, but as an adult, I’ve learned that it’s super nice and very easy for me to use. I do love that about it.

Comes with the tools you Need!

The cool part about this is that you’re given more than just the wheel, you’re given some more items, to begin with, Some of the items include the following:

  • The wheel itself
  • A power adaptor
  • The tools you need for this, including five tools to begin with
  • 12 paints to decorate the clay-for-pottery
  • A paintbrush
  • Instructions that are super detailed and illustrated!

As you can see, this comes with basically everything that you need. That’s what I love about it. I just need clay, and from there, you can make your pottery. It’s super streamlined and very simple to do.

Great reviews too!

Click here to read the reviews on Amazon.

Lots of people who bought this enjoy the wheel as well. Some of the reviews that you can read include the following:

  • I got this for my granddaughter’s 12th birthday and she loved it! The wheel works well, didn’t slow at all as she worked and she was able to make a beautiful bowl!
  • It was a gift for a child who loves LEARNING new things. She excels in anything related to ART so in school they were learning about clay and the pottery wheel and she asked me (her uncle) to buy her a wheel for her birthday. So I was only happy to get her something she wanted. And guess what,,,,, SHE LOVED it.
  • My 9-year-old granddaughter had wanted a pottery wheel. After reading the reviews of all the “toy” wheels, I purchased this one. She was able to use it without a problem and made “wonderful’ cups and bowls. No problems.
  • This is a wonderful intro to pottery wheels! I got it for our 10-year-old who was FOR CERTAIN he wanted to be a potter…. It was nice that when force was applied, the wheel didn’t slow or stop completely. It’s exactly what we were looking for.
  • Kids loved this product and needed to order more clay, but the amount with the product was enough for a few days of playing for my kids, and the new clay arrived before they ran out. Left-hand and right-hand configuration. the splash guard helps, but have kids wear a smock. Good experience.

As you can see from these reviews, it is certainly worth it. People are happy with it, and it’s a quality product that many can enjoy. It does take a bit of getting used to, but if you’re getting started with the basics of pottery, and you want something that’s super streamlined, this is the wheel for you.

Worth the Price

One thing that is nice about this too, is that it’s not a price that’s too much for you to pay when compared to others like pottery wheels.

One thing that I noticed about other wheels, is if you want something, you need to shell out at least a hundred or so dollars for that. This is not the case. It’s so much cheaper than if you were getting a wheel from another person, and the benefit of that is simple.

With a wheel that’s a good price, you benefit from the following:

  • You don’t have to break the bank for a hobby
  • If you end up not liking it, it’s not like you threw hundreds of dollars into it
  • It’s easier to pay for something that isn’t super expensive right away than to have to invest in something that’s way too much for you to do at once
  • It’s more manageable, so it’s good for anyone of varying incomes

For the price that it is, it’s a great beginner’s wheel and while you won’t be able to throw professional-level pottery on this (unless you’re really good) it still gets you interested in pottery, and ultimately that’s the purpose of this: to get you interested in this fun subject so that you can benefit from it whenever you do try it. It’s nice, and worth it in the end when you’re looking to see if you want to get into it or not.

Get it Now!

If you feel like you could benefit from this, then now is the time to get it. Seriously, it’s so simple to use, and one of the best things about this is that you’ll be able to get a good feel for how to make pottery, and ultimately, you can graduate to wheels that are bigger than ever before. It’s amazing the difference that it makes if you start off with something simple and manageable, and you’ll be able to truly get all the benefits from this too.

You too can join in on the pottery fun, and you can do so by clicking this link here!

If you’re interested in truly learning pottery and getting the benefits that you want from this, you’ll be able to do this with this amazing beginner’s wheel.

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