Yaekoo Pottery Wheel Electric Ceramic Work Forming Machine Review

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Purchasing the right pottery wheel can be an intimidating errand, especially if you are a beginner in the domain. Plus, there are several factors that one must consider before deciding on a final product to create a beautiful piece of ceramic pottery. From looking at the correct motor speed to detect how well the paddle works, you have to pick each feature with caution. To help you make the right purchase, we have reviewed the best electric pottery wheel machines available in the market and listed out the best from the lot.



This review will decode this amazing electric forming machine by Yaemart Corporation that can turn simple clay into beautiful masterpieces in a jiffy.


But first, let us understand the benefits of using an electric potter’s wheel.


Benefits of Electric Pottery Wheel

A trend that started with kick wheel pottery machines has now shifted entirely to electric pottery wheels. These amazing machines allow the potters a chance to produce work faster and more accurately.


Here are some of its benefits:

Electric Pottery Wheel


Horsepower Can range from 0 to 350 depending on model
Pricing Mid-Average
Size Light and Small
Difficulty Beginners
Water-proof Not completely
Portability and Storage Easy storage; might also have wheels for portability
Noise Mostly silent


Given the fact that electric pottery wheels can be a tad on the costlier end, we have reviewed this pocket-friendly option for you to help start your journey as an artist. So, without further ado, let us get started and understand why this product is a must-have for all pottery enthusiasts.


A unique product by the company Yaemart Corporation, this ceramic work forming machine can be used by professionals as well as amateurs with ease. Whether you have just entered the pottery school to learn the art or to teach your students this amazing skill, the Yaekoo Pottery Wheel would be an ideal choice regardless.


The machine has a high-quality motor that is of a brushless design. This means you wouldn’t have to work about unnecessary motion or noise when you craft your item. The ceramic work forming machine keeps the noise to a minimum which is below 60db. The best thing about this pottery wheel machine is the fact that it consumes minimal energy while giving you the best output. The motor functions on a 250 to 350 Watts power range with a rated voltage of AC 110V.



Plus, its motor brings you a rotating speed that ranges between 0 to 300 RPM depending on your needs and can be controlled manually.

Yaekoo makers have also incorporated the use of reverse as well as forward rotation to ensure that you can craft the pottery item in the best possible way without any unevenness. The machine also makes use of an aluminum-based alloy plate with a wide diameter of 25 centimeters to hold pottery items of varying sizes.


The plate is free from rust and doesn’t wear out easily as you work with clay and water that is known to be a major catalyst for rusting in different metals. The ABS-based basin ensures that it can be cleaned off with ease after your pottery work is completed.


The foot pedal allows you a chance to regulate the speed with ease and move in both forward as well as reverse motion. However, you might have to compromise on the cord length that you get with the foot pedal. The machine stands strong on the rubber base with metallic pipes that numb down the noise during the crafting process.


Further, the control knob is easy to use with forward, stop, and reverse options. Simply turn the knob in the left direction to move in a forward motion, or turn it completely right to move in a reverse direction. Turn it to the middle, and you can stop the process once you are done.


A big red button serves as a power indicator that lights up when you turn on the machine. This helps determine whether the machine is functioning properly or not. Apart from this, a separate section has an open and close switch along with an indicator and button to control it all.


The alloy plate is fixed in the rounded center with enough room on the sides of the ABS platform to allow the extra clay to fall off and to be cleaned later instead of falling on the floor. The machine is available in three beautiful colors, which include blue, gray, and orange.


Additional Accessories

Apart from the features mentioned above, this beauty comes with add-on accessories such as crafting tools and sponges for cleaning purposes. With the high-quality plastic crafting tools, you can easily add finer details to your ceramic craft and make it all the more beautiful.

The pottery shaping tools are designed to ensure they can cut through the clay with ease and don’t break off or bend randomly during the molding process.


If you wish to know about the specifications of this machine, here it is in complete detail:


Colors Blue, Gray, Orange
Rated Voltage 110V AC
Speed 0 to 300 rotations per minute (inorganic speed)
Diameter of Pottery Wheel 9.84 inches or 25 centimeters
Noise Less than 60db
Motor Advanced Motor with Brushless Design
Machine Size (Approximate) 18.3 X 13 X 13 Inches
Material Aluminum + Metal Alloy
Machine Weight 27.4 Pounds



In case you are a beginner, this ceramic work forming machine would be a great fit for your learning process. You can avoid the hassles and confusion of a kick wheel while learning the art faster and better. Moreover, this machine can also help ease out the process for expert crafters that need to work on bulk projects.


The pocket-friendly pricing also makes it an attractive choice for pottery enthusiasts. So, when you venture online to purchase an ideal, reliable, and pocket-friendly ceramic pottery forming machine, do consider purchasing the Yaekoo Pottery Wheel Electric Ceramic Work Forming Machine.


Happy Spinning…

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