ZXMOTO Electric Pottery Wheel Review. Is it Worth It?

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Do you love pottery? Want to transform your ordinary clay into a masterpiece? If yes, then you need the right set of tools, and most importantly, a pottery wheel. You will find it difficult to transform your idea into a pottery piece without having the right machine. A pottery wheel machine can help to deliver a very flexible, stable speed, and low noise operation when you try to make clay items. You can easily switch it in forward and reverse directions.

It can help you make the best pottery items without much hassle. However, picking the right pottery wheel is not an easy task, especially if you’re a beginner. The ZXMOTO Electric Pottery Wheel is one of the best in the market you can choose to buy. It can be really helpful in allowing you to do DIY pottery at home. Today, we are going to review it and discuss with you all the details about this product. So, keep reading to know more.

Key Specifications of the ZXMOTO Electric Pottery Wheel

  • Product: Pottery forming wheel
  • Rated voltage: AC 110V
  • Rated power: 250W
  • Motor quality: Advanced brushless motor
  • Direction for the rotation: Positive and negative direction
  • Speed: 0-300r/min inorganic speed
  • Noise: <60db
  • Wheel diameter: 8-inches
  • Package includes: 1 x pottery wheel
  • Package Dimension: 2*15.7*14.56 inches
  • Item weight: 30.9 pounds


ZXMOTO Electric Pottery Wheel is a budget-friendly and easy to use a wheel that can help you build different kinds of pottery items. The wheel comes with a rated voltage of AC 110V and a rated power of 350W. It is more than enough to deliver a great amount of power and efficiency when you are making pottery items. The best standout point of this machine is that it is absolutely safe to use, allowing children to use it for fun and making pottery items. The wheel diameter is about 9.8 inches. That is quite big to make different creative pieces.

The speed of the wheel can range from 0-300 RPM, and you can even adjust it according to your need. The noise level is less than 60 decibels; it doesn’t make much noise. So, when you are using it, others will not be disturbed by the sound. The inclusion of an advanced brushless motor also contributes to a smooth and refined performance whenever you are using it. This brushless motor also lasts for a long time.


  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Efficient brushless motor
  • Sound is less than 60 decibels
  • Smooth and refined performance
  • 25cm ABS basin wheel
  • Waterproof and rust-proof

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  • Consumes slightly more power than the average wheel.

So, you can see that the ZXMOTO Electric Pottery Wheel delivers a whole lot of advantages to the users. This machine is really good and can be used in school or at home for teaching pottery to children. It can fulfill the needs of even professional potters and also help amateurs learn the skill with efficiency.

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to know about the major features of this wheel in detail, you can check out this video:

Best Features of The Pottery Wheel

The ZXMOTO Electric Pottery Wheel comes with some amazing features that allow it to deliver a fantastic performance whenever you turn it on. Take a look at a detailed description of all the features that you can enjoy from it.

  • Fancy Appearance: It is not always that we see pottery wheels are made with such great design and appearance. The wheel has a compact and solid https://youtu.be/xSAVYBpXa3Estructure that comes with ergonomic design and precise details all over. It allows the pottery wheel to look more attractive and gives an overall pleasant experience when you are using it. The users will love the appearance of the pottery wheel and have great fun when they use it to be more creative.
  • Superior Performance: Whenever you buy a brand-new pottery wheel, you have to make sure that it delivers a great performance to the users. The ZXMOTO pottery wheel is powered by a high-quality brushless motor that offers silent operation as well. Coupled with a 350W rated power, the motor rotates at 300 RPM; you can change its speed as per your needs. It allows you to make almost anything you want to back at home. The stable speed, silent operation, and rust-proof wheels help the machine to perform much longer. The manufacturer also offers a great warranty to cover the different parts.
  • Large Wheel Diameter: The pottery wheel comes with a 25 cms or 9.8 inches diameter. It is big enough for you to create different kinds of ceramic items with your own hands. The larger the wheelbase is, the easier it becomes to create items of different sizes. You are not limited to only making small and compact items.
  • Easy to Maintain: The ZXMOTO Electric Pottery Wheel is very easy to maintain. It comes in a compact structure and has a small footprint. So, you can place the pottery wheel without occupying too much space around your house. A little bit of area in your living room is enough to accommodate the pottery wheel. The wheel also has a great mud shielding feature that helps in efficient mixing. You also get a very easy cleaning ABS basin that can be adopted as well.

So, these are the best features of the ZXMOTO Electric Pottery Wheel. All the features we just discussed above contribute to an easy-to-use experience and delivers greater efficiency. Thus, making this pottery wheel one of the best in the market that you can use for DIY pottery.

Technical Functionalities of the Pottery Wheel

Since the ZXMOTO electric pottery comes with its variety of features, here are some of the things that we like about this product. Have a look.

  • Foot Pedal: The best part about this pottery gear is that it includes a foot pedal, which is very effective and comes with a flexible enough operation. While considering the foot pedal’s speed, which is 0-300 rpm, is enough to build up the efficiency in the performance. Also, the foot pedal adjusts to the pressure that you place using your foot. It makes everything easy while you go to adjust the wheel speed more steadily and smoothly.
  • Wheel performance: While a variety of products in the market show a miserable performance when it comes to the performance of the wheel ZXMOTO, it never steps back from its promises. It provides wheel performance, which is very smooth and makes it easier for anyone to handle the machine easily. Primarily it serves as a noteworthy performance for kids and beginners. Hence the wheel speed is effortless to control.
  • Low noise performance: What impresses us more about this machine’s performance is its very low noise operation. While many branded wheels fail to prove a performance that is smooth yet low on noise, this one wins the heart. The wheel rotation low is as low as 60 decibels, making it an excellent choice for any potter.
  • Machine construction: Not only the style and appearance of the wheel is top-notch, but also the structure of the machine talks about the best quality. The device has a very compact design. It includes a small footprint along with good mud shielding. It comes with an easy cleaning ABS basin, making it easier to handle, which rightly gives you peace of mind while working.
  • Smooth functionality of the machine: The machine’s power plays a vital role in any electric pottery wheel. The ZXMOTO pottery wheel comes with a ceramic molding machine power supply. It easily adopts the single-phase three-wire access leakage protection in the device. It not only talks about the excellent functioning of the machine but also gives you the safest performance. The operation is quite reliable and safe for anyone to use.
  • Centering Capacity: The ZXMOTO Electric pottery wheel comes with a centering capacity, which is simply brilliant. The centering capacity in a wheel decides the performance of the wheel. Hence this wheel by ZXMOTO does not fail to provide you the proper satisfaction when it comes to centering. The centering of clay is easy with this tool and rightly enhances your functionality while working. Whether you are a beginner or making your kids learn it, the centering capacity and performance are brilliant for this tool.
  • Motor performance: The motor plays as one of the most important and powerful areas to check on in the ZXMOTO Electric pottery wheel. The motor is unique and allows a good clay capacity. The torque of the machine is centered at the wheel head. The amount of the product that the torque can give is dependent on the amount of horsepower in the motor. The company focuses on the brilliance of the motor power, which decides the motor’s heavy-duty performance. On the other hand, the brushless motor superiorly works to offer the brilliance of performance when it comes to working for long hours without any lagging. Hence the brushless motor is much more effective, active, fast, and durable, which can make you have the best of experience every time you work with it.
  • Material: Not only functionality is top-notch about this machine, but it is also constructed with the best material, which makes it one of the great choices in the market and also makes it durable enough. It comes with the 25 cm ABS basin wheel, which is entirely safe for use and non-toxic material. Moreover, it is built with an aluminum alloy turntable along with stainless-steel feet. The stainless steel does not catch rust. On the other hand, aluminum is not only lightweight but also durable. The materials are waterproof and come with corrosion protection, which makes them long-lasting. Thus it ensures that you can easily use it roughly, as it withstands any wear and tear.

ZXMOTO Electric Pottery Wheel – Best for Whom?

The best part about the ZXMOTO Electric Pottery Wheel is that it is nicely crafted for multipurpose use. It is merely great for use in a variety of ways. The pottery forming machine meets the needs of all professional and beginner skills for creating ceramic DIYs.

The pottery wheel is very flexible and comes with much stability. Moreover, it can easily be used in forward and reverse directions. Whether you are looking for a wheel for your small pottery projects or you want your children to make their hands stable in pottery making, then this one is simply great.

The machine renders an excellent performance for school teaching and pottery barn and home purpose. Whether you are an amateur or working at a professional level, this one rightly serves all the job. But if you are thinking of buying a machine for heavily loaded performance, this one may not fit your need. Otherwise, it’s a great one for your home and project purpose.

Final Verdict – Should You Buy It?

The ZXMOTO Electric Pottery Wheel is a great and easy-to-use machine that helps you to practice and master the art of DIY pottery. We absolutely love the fact that it comes with an ergonomic design and small footprint, allowing anyone to place it anywhere in their house. Rotary speed of 0-300 RPM can be easily achieved with the help of the brushless motor.

You will also not be bothered with any sound and can work peacefully. Also, the Ceramic Molding Machine power supply is designed with great precision, allowing you to use it, free from any potential risks. Even children can use the machine without any worries. Easy to clean and maintain, available in different colors, the ZXMOTO Electric Pottery Wheel is a true value for money product you can buy.

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