Made By Me Pottery Wheel Kit: Complete Review

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Pottery-making is an art learned over time. You require the right tools and proper knowledge to master the art. However, for starters, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot on premium tools, especially when the potter will be a kid. The key is to get yourself a pottery wheel kit that comes at an affordable price tag while giving you a scope to learn all the skills geared towards kids.


A great pottery wheel kit you can try is the “Made By Me Pottery Wheel Kit”. Let us learn more about the features of this pottery kit.


Features of Made By Me Pottery Wheel Kit

The entire kit is very light in weight so that you can carry it around with ease. You can easily carry this 4.1 pounds kit to your backyard or work studio to learn in peace. The kit comprises air-dry clay of 2 pounds weight that doesn’t require any baking to achieve permanency.


This clay is perfect for beginners that have trouble working with other clay variants, such as earthenware that requires kiln-firing. Air-dry clay requires about 24 to 48 hours for drying up completely before you decorate it.



The drying time can vary depending on the piece’s thickness. Next, the kit includes a powerful pottery wheel that makes the learning process easy and fun. The wheel comes with a uniquely designed foot pedal that can help you control the wheel speed while you mold the clay piece.


The Wheel operates on batteries and uses 4 D-type variants that can be changed with ease. When using this pottery wheel kit, make sure you cover up your workspace with paper or old clothing to prevent splatters from ruining the floor or adjoining space.


Moreover, this pottery wheel kit has been awarded the popular Family Choice Award, given how fun it is when used to learn something with your kids.


Products You Get with the Kit

  • One Adjustable Tool Arm
  • Clay Bags (2; Net weight: 1lb Each)
  • One Foot Pedal
  • Motorized Pottery Wheel
  • Two Clay Tools
  • Three Pottery Crafting Tools
  • One Sponge
  • One Paint Brush
  • One Ceramic Paint Strip
  • One Cutting Cord
  • Instructions Booklet


You would need to buy the batteries separately for the pottery wheel as the package doesn’t include any. This kit is ideal for kids as well as adults. So, if you are a parent looking for something unique to spend quality time with your kids, this kit would be an ideal choice.



Material Ceramic
Item Dimensions 15.5 X 7 X 12.5 Inches
Manufacturer Horizon Group
Product Weight 4.1 Pounds
Brand Name Made By Me




The only issue with the pottery wheel is that it doesn’t work in reverse for the potters that are left-hand dominant. The kit allows kids and their parents to explore various artistic possibilities with the clay block and pottery wheel paired together. With this pottery kit, you can encourage your kids to work with the wheel as well as focus on hand-shaping techniques to achieve perfection.


Once the air-dry clay has completely dried out, it can be painted with the colors available with the kit. Alternatively, if you have any other decorative choices, you can opt for them as well.



  • Air-dry clay doesn’t necessitate the baking or kiln-firing process
  • Perfect for kids above 6 years of age
  • The instructions file can easily be downloaded



  • D-batteries need to be purchased separately to operate the wheel
  • The wheel is a tad noisy when operating


The wheel’s tray can easily be disassembled for cleaning purposes. Make sure you do not dump the clay water into the basin as it can get into the plumbing and settle down to harden within the pipes, which leads to blockage over time.




Pottery making is a fun way to connect with your kids or for your kids to connect with their friends over the weekend or at a birthday party. You can also check several videos available on YouTube to learn the best ways, tips, and tricks to use this product. So, the next time you plan a fun weekend with your kid, make sure you order the Made By Me Pottery Wheel Kit without investing a lot.

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