Shimpo VL Whisper Review

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Did you get inspired by that pottery art you saw on Instagram? Do you wish to start crafting from scratch? Well, then! You would need a simple yet powerful pottery wheel that would help you create some amazing pieces without any glitches. However, picking out your first pottery wheel can be confusing. To ensure that you don’t have to deal with this problem, we are here with a quick review of the powerful Shimpo VL Whisper Pottery Wheel.


Shimpo VL Whisper: Understanding the Features

Why is Shimpo VL Whisper so popular among beginner as well as expert artists? Well, it is because of the fact that this pottery wheel is particularly quiet even with a highly efficient motor. Even the best electric pottery wheels that operate on a motor tend to create noise. This has been taken care of in Shimpo VL Whisper.



Product Dimensions
6 Inches X 27.6 Inches X 22.8 Inches
Centering Capacity
100 lbs
150 pounds
Wheel Head
14 Inches
5 years



Body Construct       

The Shimpo VL Whisper is designed to work in a range of crafting requirements given its adjustable legs & the remotely operated foot pedal. Moreover, this pottery wheel is created to stay unobtrusive given its modular design, which makes it easy to store.


This unique potter’s wheel is crafted from corrosion-resistant elements that last for years regardless of the waterworks.


Features and Accessories

In the package, you will get access to the necessary tools required for assembly along with spare table feet. The pottery wheel features a detachable splash pan that separates into two parts to ensure easy cleaning. It can catch the run-offs when crafting and catches stray clay bits.


It is perfect for busy potters that hate cleaning on a regular basis or have multiple machines that go into cleaning sessions in one go.


Given its size, this motor provides a power-packed performance. The design ensures that you can work in silence. Moreover, it doesn’t require frequent maintenance.


Its fine-tuned electric controller helps maintain your desired speed regardless of the size and shape of the clay on top of it. This is perfect for people with tunnel vision issues when throwing and sculpting. Moreover, new potters would find it easy to work with.


Shimpo VL Whisper’s wheel head features a free-turning design & doesn’t require your motor to stay on at all times. This is perfect for times when you are modeling some fine details into your artwork or giving it a quick finish. The pottery wheel also features adjustable legs, which is perfect when working on a tabletop or free-standing. Additionally, you can also adjust the pottery wheel’s leg to 5 different heights.


You also get access to spare table feet that can be popped into the adjustable legs and hence enhance stability while protecting the floor.


Further, much thought has been given to accommodate the user’s throwing positions. To ensure this happens with ease, the pottery wheel features a remotely operated foot pedal with a long tether to move in your desired way. This is perfect for the ones that need to move in a range of angles.


Both left and right-handed individuals can use this pottery wheel which makes it perfect for learners. A simple switch flip can help turn the wheel in the opposite direction. Another reason potters must choose the Shimpo VL Whisper over other options in the market is its built-in breaker feature.


The design prevents its motor from issues such as overloading, which is a great feature for students that accidentally indulge in longer work hours.



Whether you are in the pottery game for the long haul or looking for some quick fixes to pass your time, you would want your gear to be the best. Investing in pottery wheels that do not last even a year could be a complete waste. So, it is recommended that you refrain from investing in a machine that doesn’t guarantee you a good usage cycle.


In this context, the Shimpo VL Whisper doesn’t disappoint you. It offers you 5 years manufacturer warranty in case you notice malfunctions or faults in the pottery wheel.


What Makes Shimpo VL Whisper Better than Others?

If we narrow down the positives of Shimpo VL Whisper, the best thing is its silent operation. Pottery is a calm and relaxing form of art, and so should be the machine you are working on. However, the sounds of gears grinding can irritate you and divert your concentration.


Even when operating at its highest speed, the Shimpo is barely higher than the sound of a whisper. Even though this might not look like a big thing, it surely counts when you are crafting for long hours.


Another reason that ranks Shimpo higher than its competitors is its speed control option. You don’t have to adjust the wheel’s speed constantly while your sculpture grows. Its DC motor has enough power that keeps your wheel spinning at your desired speed even with the weight on top.


So, you can be assured that the pottery wheel packs in enough torque while the super responsive foot pedal gets you into that crafting groove.


The only thing that could bother potters is the fact that the wheel weighs about 150 pounds which is a tad on the heavier side. So, this could affect portability if you plan on moving the wheel to different locations.



Even while being on the heavier set, this pottery wheel is remarkably durable and perfect for hobbyists, classroom potters, or professionals. The quiet motor, adjustable height, & remote pedal makes the machine adaptable and easy to use in any workspace you desire. Moreover, the pottery wheel can easily be adjusted for advanced as well as beginner potters. So, the next time you plan on getting yourself a pottery wheel, nothing could beat the beauty of the Shimpo VL Whisper pottery wheel. Its pocket-friendly pricing makes it more of a catch when compared to other wheels available in the market.

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