A Complete Review Of The Brent EX Pottery Wheel

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The livelihood of any professional potter depends on a good pottery wheel. Also known as the “potter’s lathe,” this equipment is essential to create round ceramic wares. Choosing the right equipment from the countless available options can help you make the most precise and beautiful products. Counted as the best, the Brent EX Pottery Wheel is a powerful tool with a 1½ Hp motor that can continuously handle 450 lbs of clay.


This tool should be on your checklist if you plan to become a professional potter. It is one of the largest pottery wheel motors available today. The popularity of Brent EX Pottery Wheel is dependent on various factors. Some of these include its dependability; style features like a plastic table with steel legs, sturdy splash pan, and different belt-driven motors.


Key Features Of Brent EX Pottery Wheel

The popularity of the Brent EX Pottery Wheel is maintained owing to its enticing features. Some of these include the following.


  • They have a steel construction that contributes to their durability.
  • Brent EX Pottery Wheel has powder-coated legs that improve its scratch and corrosion resistance.
  • The product has an automatic belt tensioning that helps achieve maximum performance.
  • The wheel speed of the product remains constant even under varying loads.
  • The foot pedal of the product is made of aluminum that provides smooth control from 0-240 rpm.
  • The permanent magnet DC motor in the Brent EX Pottery wheel is used for variable speed control.
  • The indicator light is easy to read and can be viewed conveniently from the potter’s stool.
  • The product has a forward/reverse switch to change wheel directions quickly.
  • Brent EX Pottery Wheel comes with an SCR Quiet Controller to work in a quiet, low-noise environment.



Product Specifications

Listed below are some of the key product specifications of the Brent EX Pottery Wheel.

Brand Brent
Model EX
Motor  1½ horsepower
Wheel Head 14-inch diameter
Weight 130 lbs
Speed  0 to 240 rpm
Centering Capacity 450 lbs
Warranty 10 years



Why Should You Use Brent EX Pottery Wheel?

Pottery wheels are important for building round ceramic wares. Helping the potter inscribe a professional touch to their creations, Brent wheels provide some of the finest pottery wheel equipment in the market today. Brent wheels have continued to maintain its top-notch quality services with its products since its start in 1969. They have received the tag of being the most trusted and dependable brand.


The popularity of Brent EX Pottery Wheel is dependent on several factors. Some of these involve its all-steel construction, automatic belt tensioner, on/off and forward/reverse switches, noise filtering, and many more. These features help the potter design and develop the most refined products made of clay.


How To Use Brent EX Pottery Wheel?

Once you have positioned the equipment as instructed, it is time for you to begin your operation. To do so, you will have to push the foot pedal from the “off” to the “on” position. On doing this, the pilot light will turn on. It indicates that the solid-state circuit that controls the motor is receiving sufficient power. When the foot pedal is stepped forward, the speed will automatically increase to 240 rpm. The wheels in the equipment are reversible. To reverse the direction, you must move the FWD/REV switch to either Forward or Reverse.


How To Take Care Of Brent EX Pottery Wheel?

To receive smooth service from the Brent EX Pottery wheel for a long time, there are a few things to keep in mind, as stated below.


  • Make sure to turn off and unplug the wheel when it is not used.
  • Allow the motor to come to a full stop before making changes to the direction of the wheel head.
  • Keep the wheel clean after every use. Make sure to use only water and a sponge. Do not make use of any solvent.
  • Keep the foot pedal on the wheel table when it is not used.
  • After use, keep the wheel in a dry storage place.
  • The average operating and storage temperatures are recommended to be 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Make sure to store the wheel away from any place that invites dust and vibration. It will contribute to the long functioning and service of the wheel.



It establishes that Brent EX Pottery Wheels are the best choice for any pottery maker. The product is known for its sturdiness and dependability. Their services have remained consistent and appreciation worthy for the past 50 years. However, to derive the best result from the product, it is essential to follow the directions and instructions mentioned in the manual.

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