Tekchic Pottery Wheel Machine: Complete Review

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Wheel throwing gets easier when you have the right pottery wheel machine. Today, most potters love the ease that comes with an electric pottery wheel. These machines are perfect for both beginner and expert pottery artists. A great choice among the popular options available in the market is the Tekchic Pottery Wheel Machine, which comes at an affordable price and possesses some great features for aspiring artists. So, why is Tekchic Pottery Wheel a great choice for wheel throwing? Let us decode the features packed into this pottery machine!

Features Of Tekchic Pottery Wheel Machine

Tekchic Pottery Wheel is the perfect balance of durability and functionality packed into one machine. With its simple functions, even newbies in the pottery world can operate the machine with ease. Here are some amazing features you can find in the Tekchic Pottery Wheel. Let us take a look at them:

  • Durable design that does break or bend even with regular use
  • Easy-to-clean design that reduces the amount of clay or water that falls on the ground
  • Packs in several speed control options to help you switch easily between trimming, centering, and throwing
  • Low-noise design that doesn’t create any distraction when working

Product Details

Item Weight28.2 Pounds
Product Dimensions20.5 x 16.25 x 13.5 Inches
Wattage/Voltage350 Watts/110 Volts
Wheel Diameter25 cm/ 9.8 Inches
Reverse Switch ControlYes

Why Opt For Tekchic Pottery Wheel Machine?

Tekchic Pottery Wheel is a low power-consuming machine that comes with an appropriately-sized wheel of 25 cm diameter. This provides enough space even for big projects. Moreover, the wheel is paired with an easy-to-remove splash pan that helps catch any water or clay remnants. It can easily be cleaned and then reconnected to the machine. If you are just starting out, the pottery wheel comes with basic pottery crafting tools like a needle, carving tool, shaper, cutting tool, shaping tool, etc.

How To Use Tekchic Pottery Wheel Machine The Best Way?

With Tekchic’s reversible control switch option, you can easily rotate the wheel head in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. So, if you find that wheel throwing with the left hand is easier for you than the right hand, this option can be a lifesaver. Moreover, when you work with water and clay, there is a chance for the water to leak into the electric system. Tekchic’s safe operation design is connected with three wires ensuring a safe and stable pottery process while avoiding any leakage into the system.


When it comes to picking the right electric pottery wheel, the options are endless. However, if you are looking for a budget option that packs in all the necessary features to help you craft with ease, Tekchic Pottery Wheel Machine is a wise choice. Its uniquely designed foot pedal can easily be adjusted to the desired speed while providing a hands-free experience. In addition, unlike other electric pottery wheels, this machine keeps the noise to a minimum to help you concentrate on creating your masterpiece.

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