ACTIVA Blackjack Low-Fire Clay: Complete Review

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When starting your pottery journey, it is better to learn the craft with low-fire clay. These clay variants can be fired at a low kiln temperature, making them safer and easy to work with. Moreover, low-fire clays flaunt a minimal shrinkage pattern. They are perfect for slab structures, hand-building, & sculptures. They can also be used for clay-throwing purposes.


To help you choose the best low-fire clay, here is a review of a popular clay choice for artists.


ACTIVA Blackjack Low-Fire Clay: Features

The ACTIVA Blackjack Low-Fire Clay comes in the classic white color, which is of premium quality at affordable pricing. This clay variant is a natural clay that is mined from East Texas. Even though it isn’t processed or dried, it retains the smooth & silky composition, which is ideal for coiling, throwing, modeling, & pinching.


Its ceramic forms can be low-fired or air-dried. This clay dries out white & after firing, it becomes pristine white. It can easily be painted or glazed with acrylics. It is non-toxic and safe, which makes it ideal for beginner artists.



The ACTIVA Blackjack Low-Fire Clay is naturally pliable. The wet-screening and blending process gives you a silky-smooth, plastic-like clay. This clay would require a bit more water as compared to other options, but it does make it easy to mold and work with.


When hand-molding the clay, it is completely non-sticky. Moreover, the nature of ACTIVA Blackjack makes it excellent for pottery wheel users. It matures at 06-cone & can be bisque fired at 04-cone.


This clay variant is preferred by educators and ceramicists, given its superior-quality vertical strength. It resists falling and sagging, making it perfect for sculptures with a free-form technique. The ACTIVA clay tends to bond with itself with no difficulty during the molding process. It also takes glazes and decorations perfectly.


Some crafters prefer to bake the clay in an oven. Since it is low-fire clay, it will work just as well when fired in an oven to maturity.


Food Safe Formula

ACTIVA Blackjack Low-Fire Clay is carefully formulated to ensure that it can be used as a food-safe option. However, the clay should be fired properly to ensure that it is completely food safe. Make sure you follow the clay’s glazing instructions thoroughly to get the perfect result.


Post-firing & glazing, this clay becomes dishwasher-safe while making it microwavable.


Product Specifications
Brand Name
Product Weight
Cone Firing Temperature
-06 Cone to 04 Cone
5.25 Inches X 7.25 Inches X 5.5 Inches


Why Should You Opt for ACTIVA Blackjack Low-Fire Clay?

The ACTIVA Blackjack Low-Fire Clay is an economical and easy-to-fire option for potters. However, it can still be porous after firing. So, it is important that you seal it off with a sealant to make it waterproof. You can glaze the pottery piece to make it waterproof. You can easily fire the ACTIVA Blackjack low-fire clay in a small-sized electric kiln for pottery hobbyists.


Smaller kilns can easily be plugged into your home’s standard power supply. There is no need for a separate connection just for the kiln. Moreover, it requires minimal energy to be fired and is cheaper as compared to high-fire clay variants.


Moreover, you can easily add some bright colors to this low-fire clay. These colors maintain their brightness even after being fired. While most low-fire clay variants aren’t as strong, ACTIVA Blackjack has been formulated to endure any functional wear and tear with time.


When glazed the right way, the ACTIVA Blackjack can be easily used for things such as vases. Glazing low-fire clay requires you to use low-fire glaze options only. You cannot fire low-fire glaze with high or medium-fire glaze. Doing so can bring undesirable effects to the final piece. Moreover, the glaze might not be completely fired and result in chipping after it is removed from the kiln.


Can ACTIVA Blackjack Clay Be Air-Dried?

Yes, you can air-dry the ACTIVA Blackjack clay. Doing this will modify the clay piece into a mere decorative option. It shall mimic the chalk-hard texture, which doesn’t revert to its old form when exposed to water. However, it might chip or lose form without any malleability.


Air-dried clay doesn’t deliver complete functionality. This means it cannot be used to hold any liquid or food items. So, air-drying ACTIVA Blackjack will make it non-functional but perfect for decorative purposes.



With the ACTIVA Blackjack Low-Fire Clay, you can start working on the pottery basics and master the art as you proceed. Whether you wish to glaze it or not is entirely your choice. However, if you wish to make it completely waterproof, make sure you glaze it.

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