Comiart Silicone Glazing Ball: Complete Review

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Glazing is something that makes your pottery shine and look out of the ordinary. However, it is an art that requires you to master it with patience and the use of good-quality applicators. So, if you are someone who loves to use glaze on their pottery piece, you would need an applicator that is reliable for precision and long-term usage. It is an amazing way to apply your underglaze or glaze to the pottery piece.


So, let us learn more about the Comiart Silicone Glazing Ball.


Features of Comiart Silicone Glazing Ball

The Comiart Silicone glazing ball is an amazing applicator that is fairly simple in terms of usage. Moreover, it is available at a pocket-friendly price, making it perfect for the ones on a budget or just starting out in the pottery journey. This applicator is very helpful in terms of precise application while being available at cheap pricing.


This glazing ball application is ideal for creating intricate designs with your favorite glazing liquid. You can also write, paint, or decorate your pottery piece with this applicator. Moreover, this applicator is very soft to squeeze. The squeezing action is similar to that of a syringe.



If you are someone struggling with the placement of glaze on the pottery pieces, this applicator will reduce your efforts. Additionally, it will help save up a lot of time while being incredibly light in weight. With its pen-like applicator design, you can either place one drop on the pottery piece or even create a smooth and even fine line.


With this applicator, you can also apply ink glue, paste, henna, or any type of paint that isn’t too dense to dispense through the applicator.


How to use the Comiart Silicone Glazing Ball?

In order to use the Comiart Silicone Glazing Ball the right way, there is a process you need to follow. Start by preparing your required material in a bowl that is deep enough to allow the applicator to be dipped. Next, extrude all the air inside the glazing ball by squeezing it hard. Now, as you hold the ball in a squeezed position, gently dip the glazing ball inside the liquid glaze.


Slowly release the glazing ball as the air pressure sucks the liquid into the applicator. Next, gently squeeze the applicator depending on the amount of glaze that needs to be dispensed on the clay surface. Repeat the process as required, and when the applicator doesn’t have any more liquid inside, you can dip it into the liquid bowl and keep going.


Product Specifications

Product Weight
1.58 ounces
Product Dimensions
4.5 Inches X 2.5 Inches X 2.5 Inches



The Comiart Silicone glazing ball fits easily into your hand and has a non-slip design. Moreover, the lightweight design doesn’t overwhelm you in any manner, even when used for a long period. The silicone material is highly durable and doesn’t wear out too soon, especially around the tip, where the material is a bit thinner as compared to the ball part.


Benefits of Using the Comiart Silicone Glazing Ball

If you are wondering whether the Comiart glazing ball is worth it for your glazing escapades, you need to tap into the benefits of using one. So, let us check out some of the reasons to invest in this glaze applicator.


  • First, the glazing ball’s shape helps reduce any fatigue that can wear out your palm and wrist, making it an excellent choice for long-term usage.
  • The applicator tube feels as easy as holding your marker, bringing you into a familiar zone as compared to using a flat or thick bottle.
  • The flexible tube requires minimal pressure during the application process.



So, the next time you have issues applying glaze to your pottery piece, make sure you consider the use of a good applicator. With the benefits that the Comiart Silicone Glazing Ball brings for you, it is no doubt the perfect applicator for beginner as well as expert artists. The soft and long-lasting material is perfect for slip trailing or writing with a glaze on the clay surface. So, invest in this applicator and create some amazing designs on your pottery pieces!

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