The Best Acrylic Paint For Pottery Crafting

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Visual appeal is an essential element of any craft. However, gaining recognition as a creator is difficult unless your craft project appears aesthetically pleasing. Irrespective o your preference of art style, paint is usually a common material used to enhance the appearance of any project and depict the artist’s vision in a better way.


The same applies to ceramics as well. While you can choose to leave your ceramic as is after a layer of glaze, adding paint to it helps make it unique and precisely place designs on the ceramic. The paint that produces the best results on ceramics is acrylic paint.


In this article, we will discuss the use of acrylic paints, how to use them, and the best acrylic paint you can use on your ceramics.


Why Use Acrylic Paint For Pottery?

You may wonder why most online resources suggest acrylic paints as the best medium for decorating your pottery. The reason behind that is its versatility. It can be used in various crafts and is easy to use and manipulate.



So, below are some factors that make acrylic paints ideal for ceramics.

  1. Oil-based paint
  2. Produced to result in multiple kinds of finishes, for example, matte, satin, and gloss
  3. Resistant to damages such as chipping
  4. Dries easily
  5. Retains the original state even after many years without needing a touch-up
  6. Comes in non-toxic variants, allowing use on food-safe ceramics


Acrylic paints are great for detailed painting on ceramics with vibrant colors without worrying about their longevity. They also dry quickly, allowing ceramists to layer their art in a reasonable amount of time.


The Fantastory Acrylic Paint Set

With many online choices, picking the acrylic paint best suited for your ceramic projects may be difficult. However, after thorough research and experimentation, we found the Fantastory Acrylic Paint Set to be an excellent choice for pottery enthusiasts working on any clay type. Its product specifications are given below.



Brand ‎Fantastory
Finish Type Matte
Volume Per Tube ‎2 Fluid Ounces
Unique Feature Non-toxic
Color 24 color-set
Package Dimensions 8.27 x 5.71 x 4.33 inches
Weight 4.66 pounds


Features Of The Acrylic Paint Set

The Fantastory Acrylic Paint Set has many traits that make it easy for all potters to use. So, the following are some exclusive features that make it stand out in the market.


Wide Shade Range

When it comes to decorations, no matter how many materials you have, they always seem to fall short as you come up with new and better ideas to upgrade the existing design. The same applies to paints.


Instead of buying multiple shades individually, the set comes with 24 different shades of color. It also includes a set of 3 brushes of the ideal shape and size for basic uses.


Non-Toxic Nature

Acrylic paints are usually made using toxic ingredients that can be fatal on consumption. However, the Fantastory Acrylic Paint Set does not include hazardous ingredients in its composition, making it safe for all clay types, like earthenware, stoneware, and even porcelain.


You can use these paints on vases, decorative items, food-safe containers, and tableware.


High-Quality Composition

Paint made using premium ingredients is essential for smooth application and, therefore, effortless results. The colors of this set are made using high-quality pigments that result in vibrant shades and are easy to work with.


In addition, they can be applied in a single stroke. Thus, you need not coat multiple layers to build the color or finish.


Versatile Applicability

Not only are the paints easy to use, but they can be applied on a wide range of mediums like plastic clay, paper, canvas, etc. Along with their diverse uses, they are also easily mixable with other paints from the set. Hence, multiple shades can be mixed to produce a new desired shade for your project.


Besides, it also helps save money as you can use different combinations and quantities of paints and mix them to get the desired shade instead of purchasing new tubes of acrylic paint each time.


It can also be used on ceramics that are meant for indoors or outdoors. With its high resistance to chipping and cracks, the paint will last on your ceramics for a long time, irrespective of the conditions it is put in.


How To Use The Fantastory Acrylic Paint Set On Ceramics?

Simply painting your ceramics after they have been glaze-fired and cooled may not produce the best results. Instead, follow these easy steps to derive optimal results from the Fantastory acrylic paint on your ceramic.


  1. Start with a glaze-fired or a bisque-fired ceramic. This process helps the clay mature and reduces its absorption. If not fired, clay tends to absorb lots of water and paint, which may affect its strength and the amount of time spent painting the ceramic. If you do not wish to fire your clay, we advise priming it to reduce its porosity.
  2. Once the clay is prepped, keep some dry tissues or cloth nearby before beginning to paint. This way, you can dip dry brushes into the bottles and pick up only saturated paint instead of dealing with watered-down paint. Skipping this step will result in blotchy paint spots on your ceramic and irregular painting.
  3. Plan before painting. Acrylic paint begins to dry quickly, usually within 10 minutes of application. It leaves minimal time to correct errors. Therefore, we suggest using a light-handed pencil sketch as a guide to perfect your design.
  4. Irrespective of the paint’s smoothness, being impatient between coats will inevitably lead to imperfect drying. Thus, the messy layers that do not add to the depth of the design will render a botched look to the ceramic.
  5. While these paints have a matte finish and are resistant to certain damages, they may not be immune to all wear and tear, especially when placed outdoors in extreme weather. A sealer is the best way to ensure that the paint stays adhered to the ceramic, as acrylic paint cannot be fired in the kiln. The sealer may also help give the ceramic a glossy appearance and thus balance the matte finish of the paint.



The Fantastory Acrylic Paint Set is a versatile and affordable set of acrylic paints that is easy for beginners and applicable to various mediums. It is an excellent option that does not require additional tools.

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