How the Rapidfire Pro Kiln Changed My Pottery Making

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When it comes to pottery kilns, finding the right one can be hard. But, I will say that the Rapidfire Pro Kiln is probably your best bet. For the price that it is, it’s a great mid-range kiln at a more affordable price. I used this with my work, and I have a lot of positive things to say about it, and why it’s a great kiln to use.

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Small and Portable

One thing I love about this kiln is how small and portable it is. When you think of kilns, you think of large structures that are hundreds of pounds. That isn’t the case with this one. With this one, it’s just under 12 pounds, which allows for the following:


  • It’s easy to move in case you are moving a lot
  • It’s perfect if you have a studio both outside of the home and at home
  • It’s good if you need to move it away from flammable areas
  • Perfect if you need to move it if you’re changing your home up

It’s super light, and that was the first thing I noticed. I honestly was surprised at how simple it was to move, and for the price that it was, it allows me to move it whenever I needed to. I never had to call on anyone else to help me move this kiln, but in fact, I could move it to wherever I needed to, making pottery easier for me.


Heats Up fast and has a lot of Room

I didn’t expect this kiln to fire up so fast, but when I used it, I was shocked at how quickly it would heat up. It’s also great for those who want to fire a lot of projects, such as myself. I have a small pottery business, so anything that allows me to heat up items quickly and easily is encouraged.


Some of the cool aspects of this include the following:
  • It heats up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can be heated up in just 8-10 minutes
  • Has a huge firing chamber for items to settle into
  • Has a front-loading door so it’s easy to load

With this pottery kiln, I was able to fire almost all earthenware and stoneware. It could handle lower-firing pottery relatively easily, and for glazes, it could handle a gamut of them quite easily, which I was surprised about. Usually, for kilns double, sometimes triple this price you get these features, but this one provides a lot of heat super fast. That’s something I love because I don’t like sitting around waiting for the kiln to fire up, and it allows me to make more pottery super fast.


With the size of the loading area, I was impressed with how much I could put in there. Since it is front-loading, you’re less liable to be affected by the heat with this, and in turn, you can handle your pottery easily, and without any problems.


Overall, I’m impressed with how much you get from this, and there is a lot that this has to offer.


There are some other cool features that come with this as well, including the following:

  • A PID controller that has fuzzy logic enhancement
  • A manual control mode if you want to use that
  • Has a .2% level of accuracy along the range
  • Good output indication to find out how it’s progressing
  • Selectable security to help protect the kiln
  • 16 gauge coiled resistance wire, meaning it allows for lots of heat
  • Has a 1500-watt potter and a 15-amp circuit on this


There are so many great features to this, and the nice part about it is that you can learn these, play with them, and get the full benefits out of them.


Tons of settings

Another thing I loved about this kiln, is the sheer amount of settings you get from this. This kiln alone allows for the following settings:


  • 30 different programmable options
  • A steady heat for the objects
  • A steady temperature accuracy
  • A pre-programming sequence so you can run it
  • Set programs so that you don’t have to worry about it

That means that you’re getting a boatload of different settings without having to pay a bunch of money for them. And, if you’re worried that the setting might not be right, you can always double-check it before you begin. It’s super easy to program, and very user-friendly, which is what I love about this kiln.


On another note, you can actually program how fast this heats up. For example, I wanted to have it go up 200 degrees every hour, doing an 11-hour cycle. I just press the button, program it, and then there we go, it allowed for this kiln to get hot at the pacing I wanted it to so that it didn’t burn or melt the projects I had. I was impressed by this!


Doesn’t make the Room Hot


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One thing you might wonder about this is if the room will get hot with this kiln. The answer is no if you have the right room structure. If you have a room with the following, it can be quite warm:


  • If there aren’t windows
  • If you’re doing silversmithing in a poorly-ventilated room
  • If you don’t have any external fan

The kin does have a small hole where the wax does evaporate, and this can get hot if you’re working with high temperatures for a very long time. If you have a small fan or some windows, you won’t have a problem. Ideally though, always set this guy up at least 6 inches away from the wall, which alone can help with preventing heat from growing.


With that being said, you should always work with these in a well-ventilated area. This should be obvious, since if you’re working with high heat and often fumes that come from the glazes and clays that are used, many of which contain silica which is poisonous if inhaled. But, it doesn’t make the room ungodly hot, and while you still need to take necessary precautions, this is one concern that you don’t have to have regarding the kiln.



Can be used for Other Projects

The coolest part about this kiln, in my opinion, is how versatile it is. You probably think this is a kiln for some basic pottery, right? Well, the truth is, you’re going to get a lot more usage out of this if you do more than just make pottery. This kiln allows you to do so many different and amazing things, including the following:


  • Working with precious metal clay
  • Ceramics
  • Enameling
  • Fusing glass
  • Making beads
  • Making jewelry
  • Making dental impressions

And a whole lot more! So yes, if you’re a creative person, you’ll enjoy this, and because it does work so fast, you can try out so many different artistic mediums with this, and that’s what I enjoy about it. I use this for my ceramics, but then also for beads, and sometimes, I even combine the two of them. It’s amazing what you can do with this, and it’s the perfect kiln if you want something that works for many different types of art mediums.


Overall a satisfactory Kiln

Overall, most people enjoy it. This kiln has a lot of great plus points to it, and in terms of a mid-range kiln, it is definitely a nice one.


Most people have had a pleasant experience with this kiln. While there are some that didn’t like it, most of the users enjoyed utilizing this kiln.


Some of the reviews include the following:

  • It’s super portable and lightweight and great for craftsmen/artists in home studios or who travel with their equipment frequently, and the customer service from the company was excellent. I always got quick responses with genuinely nice and friendly care when I needed assistance–very helpful and knowledgeable people who go the extra mile for their customers.


  • The product was easy to use and was able to be up and running within minutes of receiving the Kiln. The work envelope is as described, but a little smaller than I had thought. I wish they would make a larger kiln. Overall, the product works are rather simple to program (once you read ALL of the instructions) and maintain an accurate temperature.


  • I was so excited when I finally had enough money to purchase this and even more excited when I received the slip telling me it came. It’s so small and cute and really packs a lot of power. Anyone who is low on space and needs a starter kiln or just an extra one should really check this out. It was totally worth the money.


Overall, if you know how to follow directions, read them, and utilize them, you’ll be able to put this together. That was probably the one complaint I did have.


If you’re bad at following directions, sometimes the programmable settings can be a little bit confusing. I noticed this myself, but it took reading it a few times and contacting the company to fully understand it, and once I did, I was happy with the results.


It is a Helpful Company too!

One thing I love about this kiln though is even if I have questions, I can get help with them. By doing the following, I was able to get my questions answered by the company:


  • Contacted them via email
  • Told them what I needed
  • A representative walked me through the problem so that I could fix this

Now, if you’re desperate for help and want to get it immediately, you can always contact the company directly. But, their services are fast, and the representative they have for this company was able to answer my query relatively fast. What this means for me, is that I could get to making some amazing art projects super fast, and with a huge number of them as well.


Good for Intermediate Potters

This is why I really like this kiln. It’s perfect for those who want something a little bit cheaper than those super expensive kilns that you see, but also not something super cheap and basic. This is a great kiln for intermediate users, who want to take their pottery to the next level.


I enjoy this kiln, and overall I recommend it for people who want the following:

  • Who desire to learn pottery, but don’t want to spend thousands on a kiln
  • For those who want to have a kiln that’s easy to transport
  • For those who want a kiln that’s reasonable in price
  • For those who want a kiln with many settings and uses

I would say if you fit into this, I do suggest picking this up. It could change the overall state of your pottery, and make it even better than you thought possible.


I do not recommend this kiln for those who fit the following:
  • Are new to pottery and aren’t sure if they want to invest
  • Who doesn’t have the space to put a kiln somewhere
  • Who aren’t ready to pay for a mid-range kiln
  • For those who don’t feel ready to take the next step in pottery

But, if you’re an artist ready to see how they’ll fare with this kiln, then I do suggest picking this one up!


Get it Today!

If you’re ready to get a mid-range kiln that does so much and then some, and who want to really take their pottery to the next level, then look no further. This kiln can help you achieve this, and you can do it quite easily right now!


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If you’re ready to upgrade your kiln or to take a step in the right direction with your pottery, then this is the way to go.




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