Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay Review

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The Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay is a gray-colored modeling clay that is majorly used for many projects and is an all-purpose natural clay. It is an all-purpose natural clay that is easy to use and comes in a packet of 10lb.

You can use this clay for hand modeling, sculpting, and throwing on the potter’s wheel. You can also decorate the art piece you made with this clay. It is fragile when dry; however, you can waterproof it by sealing it through shellac.

In this article, we are going to talk about it in detail. So, let us get into it.

Features Of The Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay

The following are the features of Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay that make it ideal for beginners and experienced potters.

Suitable For Various Art Pieces

It is perfect for sculpting every type of art piece. Moreover, since it’s an air-dry clay, it dries quickly. Thus, you can craft it into different shapes easily.

Air-Dry Clay

This clay dries completely in the air. When you have sculpted using this clay, let the pieces dry slowly, and you will get excellent results.

Waterproof With Shellac

It remains fragile after air drying. However, you can seal it properly with shellac to waterproof it. It will make the piece excellent for kitchen use.

Natural And Non-Toxic

The Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay is entirely natural and non-toxic. Thus, it can be used by kids. Additionally, it does not cause any issues on sensitive skin.

No Requirement For Kiln

This clay is air-dry. It does not require any firing. Hence, there is no requirement for the kiln, and you can avoid the fire hazard. It makes the clay more accessible to use.

Specifications Of Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay

The following are some key specifications of Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay.

BrandCraft Smart
Product Dimensions6 x 6 x 6.75 inches
Product Weight10 Pounds
Drying MethodAir-Dry

How To Use The Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay?

You need to process your work after shaping Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay. Once the shaping action is complete, if you want to work with larger quantities of clay, sprinkle the desired amount of temper on top and then keep adding disks and kneading. Make sure it is entirely uniform. After you do this, you can wheel throw the clay.

How To Wheel Throw Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay?

Craft Natural Smart Clay is ideal for wheel throwing, so let us understand how it is wheel thrown. The following are some steps related to wheeling Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay.

Preparing The Clay

The potter must prepare the clay before it is put onto the wheel. Wedging is the process involved in this. Wedging includes pushing the clay on a work area, much like kneading dough, which is why the two techniques are frequently compared.

Wedging is used to smooth out the clay’s surface and eliminate air bubbles. Wedging eliminates the hard and soft areas of the clay, enhancing its consistency by arranging the clay particles. The clay will be considerably simpler to throw on the wheel if it has a uniform thickness.

Centering The Clay

Once the Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay is wedged or shaped into a ball, you can slap it onto the wheel head. Once you position it in the middle of the wheel, try to center the clay properly. It is essential for smoothening the clay.

Opening The Clay

Once the clay is centered, the potter then starts to open up the clay. Try opening the clay and creating a dip in the hole. Using your fingers or thumb, push the clay to the base of the hold, around ⅓ inch thick. Now the clay is opened up, so you can start pulling up.

Pulling The Clay

A chunk of clay remains at the pot’s base after opening it. To create the walls, you must push this clay up the piece’s sides. Pulling the walls refers to the action of advancing the clay.

Pinching the clay at the base is how you pull it. It is best to squeeze both the inside and outside of the pot. After that, the potter runs their hands up the vessel’s side. This action raises the clay at the base to form the pot’s walls.

Summing Up

The Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay is an all-purpose clay you can use to create unique and different art pieces. Moreover, since it’s completely natural and non-toxic, it can also be used by all age groups. Thus, check out Craft Smart Natural Air-Dry Clay if you want to buy an all-purpose clay.

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