Jovi Premium European Air-Dry Clay: Complete Review

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Today, air-dry clay has become so popular that even professional artists have been using it for their projects. Once used by kids for fun playtime, air-dry clay has now become a mainstream product. It is because of the ease of use, lower cost, and faster drying time that has been attracting users for quite some time. But, the market is now overrun with options by different brands. So, how would you choose which one is the right fit for your project?


Let us make it easy for you! After carefully reviewing a popular choice for artists, we have brought you a complete review of the Jovi Premium European Air-Dry Clay.


Features of the Jovi Premium European Air-Dry Clay

All you need in an easy-to-use and fast-drying air-dry clay can be found in the Jovi Premium European clay. The texture of this air-dry clay is soft on your hands, smooth, & easy to shape/knead. This premium-quality clay is formulated to ensure that it is non-toxic and safe when used by children.


Plus, it is also free of any potential allergens such as gluten. So, if your kid is allergic to gluten and accidentally ingests this clay, it won’t harm them. However, it is recommended that you visit your physician if any such scenario happens.



The Jovi Premium European Air-Dry Clay is formulated to dry within a span as short as 24 hours. So, you can build on your existing frame by adding more wet clay on top. If you find any cracks in the clay, simply add some water to the area to make it more malleable. You can also add some wet clay to the area with cracks and smooth it out as required. You can also paint or seal the sculpture after it has completely dried out.


In this pack, you get 3 packets of air-dry clay weighing 2.2lb each. This means you get a total of 6.6lb of air-dry clay. It is perfect for artists that craft on a regular basis and needs a bulk deal. Each of these packets is sealed individually. So, you don’t have to worry about them drying out when using anyone.


The texture of the air-dry clay is perfect for sculpting by hand or for covering frames that are crafted with wood, cardboard, or wire. The best thing about the Jovi Premium air-dry clay is the fact that it doesn’t stick a lot or even stain your workspace like your traditional clay options.


After it dries out within 24 hours, you can seal it with a polish or varnish to make it waterproof. Just like any air-dry clay, this one also doesn’t need oven-drying. It will dry out automatically once left in an airy space or under the sun. However, the drying time can vary depending on how thick the mold is.


Jovi Premium air-dry clay isn’t prone to cracking if you maintain 1/4th inch thickness.


Product Specifications

Brand Name
Product Weight
2.2lb X 3 (6.6lb)
Air-Dry Clay
Item Dimensions
8.5 Inches X 4 Inches X 4 Inches
Drying Time
24 Hours



About The Company

Jovi came into being in the year 1939, focusing on the learning, creation, & imagination of artists. All the products are manufactured, designed, and conceived in a small town close to Barcelona, Spain. The products created by the company promote artistic and creative development while supporting learning via different life stages.


Uses All-Natural Ingredients

Every product by Jovi is manufactured with all-natural ingredients & which is why it is completely safe & non-toxic for regular use.


Odorless With No-Baking Requirements

Unlike any other clay, this air-dry clay is completely odorless & doesn’t require any baking. After Jovi dries out completely, it tends to become hard once dry.


Natural Range Of Colors

Jovi is known for its natural range of colors. At the same time, the one we have reviewed here is pure white air-dry clay. You can also get other clay variants in original gray and natural terracotta colors. So, you can sculpt any shape or design that gives your piece a beautiful and natural look.



So, the next time you are looking for good-quality air-dry clay, don’t hesitate when you purchase the Jovi Premium European, Air-Dry Clay. This air-dry clay is light and can easily be wiped off the work surface. Best of all, this product is non-toxic as it is made from paper clay. So, start crafting today with the Jovi Premium European air-dry clay!

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