Anyumocz DIY Air Dry Clay: Complete Review

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Artists that are just starting out their journey might find that traditional clay is a bit too complicated to work with. So, you might have to look for an alternative that is easy to master. In comes the air-dry clay. This clay is a versatile and highly functional crafting material that is ideal for beginner artists. But, how would you choose the best air-dry clay? If you haven’t yet found the perfect air-dry clay for your DIY escapades, here we are with an ideal choice for beginners and expert artists.


Features of Anyumocz Air Dry Clay

The Anyumocz Air Dry Clay is available in a complete package of 24 colors and 36 colors. You can choose between the two depending on your crafting needs. Each color pack has about 0.45oz clay. Its high-quality texture is very soft, non-sticky, and smooth to touch. Moreover, the clay doesn’t stick to the hands when you are crafting. So, you don’t necessarily have to powder the work surface as you create your sculpture.


The material is super-stretchy. So, you can easily mold your desired shape with ease. After the clay dries out, it hardens and becomes light in weight to ensure it can be carried around with ease. Moreover, the lightweight formulation ensures it doesn’t break easily in case it falls accidentally. Anyumocz takes about 24 hours at least to harden completely. However, the timing can vary depending on how thick your sculpture is.



The Anyumocz air-dry clay can easily be bent, stretched, and shaped as per your liking. The ingredients used to make this air-dry clay comprises environmental-friendly color paste and resin materials that are derived from PET and PP. Moreover, the clay isn’t scented, which is great for artists that might be allergic to artificial scents.


If you wish to store and reuse the clay, make sure you keep it inside a good-quality air-tight container. This will help prevent the clay from completely drying out. It cannot be placed in an oven for drying out. Moreover, this clay is certified by SGS/ROHS as non-toxic, which makes it completely harmless for regular use.


Make sure you don’t allow children below 3 years of age to use it, as the small clay dough could create choking issues. Although the clay cannot be dried in an oven, you can opt for other drying methods that include drying your clay sculpture with an electric hairdryer.


Product Specifications

Manufacturer Anyumocz
Product Dimensions 11.02 Inches X 5.24 Inches X 2.44 Inches
Drying Time 24 Hours
Product Weight 11.3 ounces
Safety Certifications SGS/ROHS
Weight Per Clay Piece 0.45 Ounces
Total Colors 24 colors or 36 colors
Type Air Dry



How To Use The Anyumocz Air-Dry Clay?

Given that the Anyumocz air-dry clay is easy to mold with a stretchy texture, it can help create different types of delicate structures with intricate details. You don’t have to add water to the clay in order to mold it as required. When molded the right way, this air-dry clay isn’t prone to cracking. So, make sure your sculpture has even thickness throughout. If there is unevenness in the sculpture, some sections of the clay might dry faster than others.


When working with this air-dry clay, you don’t necessarily have to place placemats as it isn’t as sticky as other clay brands available in the market. However, it is recommended that you do to ensure an easy crafting experience. You can place wax paper, vinyl placemats, or even silicone baking sheets to keep the work surface as clean as possible.


Once your sculpture has dried off completely and feels light in hand, you can add colors to the clay using acrylics or other clay coloring options. However, as this clay is pre-colored, you don’t have to do that. You can surely add more color to darker the tint.



So, if you are looking for a reliable air-dry clay brand, you can surely trust the quality provided by Anyumocz Air-Dry Clay. Make sure you get some tools meant for crafting with air-dry clay to ensure that you can create intricate designs at pocket-friendly prices. This ultra-light clay is great for creative artists or kids looking forward to creating some unique sculptures. Just make sure you don’t bake it!

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