Laguna Brand Modeling Clay (Self-Hardening) Review

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As a pottery artist, you know there are several clay variants available in the market, and for each variant, there are 100+ brands dedicated to ensuring quality and affordability. But, how would you choose the right one for your next project? Today, we have reviewed an amazing option by the Laguna Brand, a self-hardening clay variant.


Laguna Self-Hardening Clay: Complete Review

A high-quality product by a premium brand, the Laguna Modeling Clay is a white-colored option that has the potential to dry naturally overnight. This exceptional clay is perfect for coiling, throwing, hand-made pottery, or molding projects.



Moreover, if you plan on involving your kids in the learning process, you can do so without having to worry about any kind of toxicity. The clay has been manufactured out of non-toxic materials that help evade any allergies or poisoning issues during the crafting process.


Given the fact that this is self-hardening clay, it could dry out during the process of crafting. It is better if you mix only the required amount of clay instead of taking it all out at once. This would help evade any unnecessary drying out.


Laguna Air-Dry Modeling clay might also be prone to a certain amount of shrinkage during the drying process. So, create a model that is a bit bigger than your actual height and width required. The clay is concocted in a way that makes it easy to mold and creates a desirable thickness that isn’t uneven in any manner.


The clay air dries evenly and doesn’t become fragile post-drying. However, it should be kept in mind that the Laguna Air-Dry clay must not be fired and is only meant for the natural air drying process. The texture of the clay is also optimum and ensures easy color-fastening with different types of colors that include acrylic paints as well.


In order to keep the clay from drying out while keeping it waterproof at the same time, this product should be sealed using a commercial-grade water sealant. The clay, although white, tends to dry out with a light grey color. Given its bigger package, it is recommended to be used by potters who plan to use it for larger ceramic or modeling batches.


The clay is extremely smooth and pliable, which ensures that even beginner pottery enthusiasts can mold with ease without having to struggle with any kind of breakage or cracking during the molding process or even post drying.


If you plan to extend the project for more than a day, you can use a damp towel to cover the remaining clay. Keep spraying water over it after every few hours to ensure that it doesn’t dry out. However, you must keep in mind that the amount of water sprayed over the clay must not be too much as it can lead to the clay converting into its slip form.


Laguna Self-Hardening Clay: Specifications

Brand Name


Item Weight 5 Pounds
Color White
Product Dimensions 5.51 X 5.51 X 3.5 Inches



Uses of Laguna Air-Dry Clay

As functional as it is, the Laguna Clay can be made use of to create tableware or dinnerware that are only meant for décor purposes and not used as functional ware. Even though it is non-toxic in nature, it might absorb water rendering it useless for functional requirements.


Apart from this, the Laguna Air-Dry clay can also be used to create sculpture clay bodies that can be used for décor purposes. This clay is popular among individuals that are indulged in claymation, modeling animatronics, claytoons, & even casting monster masks in movies.


A large number of skill-holders, including the taxidermists and art therapists, tend to use this clay. The clay is highly versatile in terms of plasticity, which is fairly similar to the oil-based clays available in the market.


Tips to Follow When Using Laguna Air-Dry Clay

1-Use a Mat to Avoid Stains:

Clay sculpting tends to get messy, and it could leave irremovable stains on your work table. So, ensure that you cover up the table with a durable mat or even an old cloth that you don’t use anymore.


2-No Need for Glazing:

The best thing about using air-dry clay is the fact that it isn’t fired. So, you do not need to use glaze for the project and avoid any extra expenses that come from purchasing the same.


3-Deal with the Stickiness:

Air-dry clay tends to be a bit sticky when crafting. The key to avoiding this issue is to use a bit of hand lotion in the crafting process that can help minimize the stickiness issue.


4-Do Not Roll the Clay Too Thin:

Laguna or any other clay of the air-dry variant is likely going to crack if you roll it way too thin. The key is to ensure an even thickness for the complete project, keep in mind the shrinking issue, and craft accordingly.


Frequently Asked Questions


1-Can we use sharpies on the clay post drying?

Yes, the clay model can be decorated with the help of sharpies. However, it is unknown whether the color would be affected in any manner. It is highly possible that the color might fade a bit.


2-Can I use this clay to repair a broken statue?

Yes, this clay can be watered down into a sticky form in order to mend the broken statues. Alternatively, you can also make use of epoxy resin to get similar results.


3-Do I need to keep it wet while using in the pottery wheel?

The best way to use air-dry clay to throw is only by keeping things wet. Ensure that the clay should not be dripping wet and only lightly wet with optimum moisture saturation.



With Laguna Air-Dry Clay, you would surely have some fun crafting new items without having to worry about any breakage, cracking, or any other issues that might surface with other clay variants. Remember, patience is the key with pottery, and the right clay could make a lot of difference in your crafting experience.

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