Why Does Pottery Make Us Happy?

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Doing anything that has a prime relationship with creativity leads you to immense pleasure. Being an age-old popular practice from ancient times, pottery is loved by all. The fascinating process of pottery making indulges one in relaxing activities that work as a stress reliever. And in the end, the beautiful outcome of the final product gives you the joy of creating something of your own.


Besides, continuous practice aids you to cherish your creative self and makes your skills better every day. There are so many convincing reasons that are undoubtedly going to make you obsessed with pottery making. Wondering what the reasons are? Here, in this article, we will show you why you should opt for pottery making and how it makes you happy.


Helps in Expressing Yourself

Pottery is undoubtedly the best way to show your creative abilities. Any activities related to art shows you the path to express your own capacity of creation. Art precisely reflects what’s inside your mind. And the entire process of taking a lump of clay and turning that into a completely stunning piece of pottery is a visual representation of your creative imagination.



Moreover, what message you want to give through your work, which also is expressed through the designs and sculpting. In other words, the pottery work that you create takes the shape of your mind, which makes it worth appreciating your creative side.


Beneficial in Stress Reducing

If you have a keen interest in pottery making, then it is undoubtedly going to reduce your stress in every way. No matter whether you are having a tiresome schedule or a lot of time doing nothing, nurturing your hobby is undoubtedly going to work well. The moment you start working on your hobby, it gives you a certain kind of mental satisfaction and instills some happiness in you. Being a part of creating something new and unique every time gives you the joy of accomplishment, which reduces your stress and makes you happy.


Connects You With Nature

Pottery making is entirely an eco-friendly process that helps you in connecting with nature in many ways. The clay itself is a part of the Earth. Molding, mixing, and kneading the clay brings you close to nature. Besides, the natural elements like water, fire, and color pigments, having their sources in nature, undeniably work as a connection between you and mother nature.


Also, the decorations inspired by nature, such as floral designs, animal motifs, etc. reflect your love for nature. Most importantly, pottery making doesn’t harm you in any way; instead, it benefits you both physically and mentally.



Good for Your Physical and Mental Health

The entire process of pottery making includes several activities like kneading, molding, and shaping of the clay. Every step is therapeutic for you in different ways.


Let’s have a look at how pottery aids physical and mental well-being.

Type of benefit

The way it helps

Physical benefits
Giving continuous pressure through fingers and wrists work as an exercise for your hands.
Pottery making helps in preventing Arthritis.
Crafting pottery improves blood circulation.
Doing pottery work at an early age improves motor skills in kids.
Mental benefits
Pottery helps in curing depression.
It gives relief from stress and anxiety.
Crafting pottery pieces helps in improving concentration.



Helps in Enhancing the Focus

Pottery making works as a good activity for enhancing your concentration. From shaping the lump to turning it into the perfect piece of a ceramic object, it takes a lot of time to focus. Pottery work includes various detailed, intricate, and fine carvings and decorations. And to craft a beautifully decorated pottery piece, one needs to possess a complete toolset like ARTEZA Pottery & Polymer Clay Tools, 42-Piece Sculpting Set. Achieving perfection in pottery making requires steady concentration along with clear focus without thinking about anything else ongoing.



The multiple failures you come across give you lessons about what not to repeat and which skills you need to work hard on. Acquiring the perfect trick and techniques of shaping, decorating, and firing makes you more and more focused on your goal of avoiding making the same mistakes.


Enhances Your Way of Experimenting and Creating

The more you work with something repeatedly, the more your skills get better in it. Pottery making regularly not only gives you a good hand in sculpting but also encourages you to try out a new shape every time. Also, crafting a good piece of pottery makes your designs and decorations better, helps you to attain a pro-level in firing, and enhances your ability to experiment with different types of glazing and create a new type of glaze for the next time. What can be more beneficial than making you better every time in every way?


Increases Your Self-Esteem

Getting involved in creating something new gives you a break from the stress and anxiety of the daily routine-bound life. Spending a reasonable amount of time making something that you like reduces stress automatically. Also, it makes one express their mind. The beautiful end result gives you more and more confidence to go on with your creativity. It makes you believe in yourself and increases your self-esteem.


In the case of kids, as already said, working with clay improves their motor skills. Besides, it also helps in building their personality of believing in their productivity. Their little brain indulges in imagining newer objects or concepts & giving them a shape in their own ideas will undoubtedly make them happy. Getting children involved in such activities not only make them happy but also feed their mind with curiosity and creativity.


Gives You Beautiful Memories

Looking at a successful artwork will make you recall all the memories associated with it. The inspirations that helped in achieving a particular artwork or a happy memory related to the piece of pottery give you a joyful reminiscence of that time. Also, your attachment to the work because of the company of your close persons makes it a happy pill for you whenever you look at it.



Moreover, being involved in a fun-filled activity like pottery-making enhances the quality of your lifestyle. Whether it is uplifting your mood from boredom, or contentment from achieving the perfect piece of artwork you wanted, pottery is always a better idea. Creating your own way of joy and showcasing that in front of others make you worth appreciating and give you the ultimate satisfaction. Most importantly, it increases your knowledge in this particular field and helps you in achieving perfection, which is the most valuable part. So, what’s preventing you from involving in such kind of fun activity? Water the seeds of your creative abilities and go on creating great works of pottery.


Happy sculpting!

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