Mudtools MudSponge Cleanup and Shaping Tools: The Perfect Pottery Sponges

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Are you like me and hate using generic sponges to clean up your pottery? Well, you’re in luck because Mudtools released a sponge that’s perfect for anyone who works with clay.

These sponges help not only with cleaning up, but are also the perfect shaping tools. What is so great about them though?

Well, you’re about to find out.

Here, you can read a review on these, and find out why they are perfect for shaping and fixing any pottery mistakes that you might have.

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Made of Open-Cell Material

These sponges are made of open-cell material. What that means, is that the cells in them are a bit bigger than other sponges.

This brings forth a few benefits, including the following:

  • They soak up more
  • They are smoother
  • They generally feel good

Open-cell sponges fit well against pottery, and if you need to clean up clay, water, or whatever, these are the perfect ones for doing so.

An Ergonomic Feeling in Your Hand

Another benefit is that it’s shaped like a kidney rib. This is why it kind of looks like a kidney bean more than anything.

This is actually beneficial for artists because it allows for the following:

  • A comfortable place in the hands
  • Traditional shaping that won’t tire out the hand
  • Is easy to hold with a few fingers too for precision

I tried these when I was shaping something very precise, and it changed the way I was able to move my hands. It really helped, and it brought forth extra comfort, and it was something that I really liked when I used this.

Mudtools understands the purpose of comfort and the importance of it, and these sponges are clearly no exception.

Environmentally-friendly, and Safe

These sponges are safe for any artist to use because they are natural. They also have the following traits:

  • They are made of a material that is good for the environment
  • They are also incredibly durable so they will last a long time
  • They are pretty stable in your hands too and can handle all types of projects

For many artists, sponges are definitely a helpful tool, but they usually run into the problem of they fall apart in your hands after a while.

That is because a lot of the traditional sponges that people use don’t last long enough to handle pottery. Pottery tools are made to last, and Mudtools understands that so these sponges will last a long time.

Plus, they are biodegradable, and if they do get tossed, they won’t harm the environment. Other sponges tend to suffer from being made of synthetic material, which means that they won’t degrade easily.

When you use these, you’ll be able to keep everything nice and safe, and they will also be helpful for the environment too. But, they are strong so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down, and it can be really good for artists that need something in their studio.

They Expand in Water!

This was probably the coolest part about these. You read that right, they expand in water.

When I first got these, I thought that they were incredibly small and that someone was pulling my leg. These couldn’t be the sponges, could they?

Well, they are.

These sponges have the following characteristics to them:

  • They are small, about 3.75×2.25 inches
  • When thrown in the water, they do expand
  • They then become easy to hold for artists when they are used

Why does this matter? Well, it provides these benefits to artists, including the following:

  • A smaller set of sponges that do grow bigger
  • Allows for you to clean up more of the area
  • Can expand to hold in more water, making cleanup easier
  • Small enough to fit perfectly in your hands to shape

With these Mudtools MudSponges, you’ll have a pack of these that are simple to use and effective when creating a better art experience.

The Reviewers Love Them!

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Lots of the people who use these sponges love them. In fact, there are many reviews about this product already!

Here are just a few of the reviews from happy customers:

I haven’t even broken out the two others yet. I love to throw with these sponges, they are literally the best and totally worth the money I spent on them.

  • These sponges work very nicely and are lasting really well after quite a bit of use.
  • As usual, Mudtools uses color to distinguish differences in similar products. The blue is thinner, very flexible, with large pores resembling a kitchen sponge in texture. The orange is a bit more rigged/firmer, with fewer pores, and a tad thicker body. The white has a very smooth texture with no visible pores, the same thickness as the orange, and similar rigidity may be a tiny bit firmer. I just threw them for the first time and I love them. I would say the blue one doesn’t seem as if it will have the longest life span but time will tell. They came completely flat, like spongy chips, which look strange but pop right into shape as soon as you wet them.

These sponges make pottery even easier than you’d expect, and as you can see from these reviews, they will provide the results you want from your sponges when shaping pottery.


Get them Today!

Are you looking to really take your pottery to the next level? Then you should start with these sponges first and foremost!

These are probably the best on the market, and worth it if you’re someone who needs a high-quality pottery sponge for shaping and cleanup.

To get your own pottery sponge from Mudtools, all you need to do is follow the link here for more information.

If you’re ready to use one of the best sponges on the market to help you create wonderful pottery, then look no further.

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