The Benefits of Painting Ceramic Bisque with Acrylics

Ceramic Bisque

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One way to decorate your bisque is by using acrylics. Painting ceramic bisque with acrylics has a lot of benefits to it, and you definitely want to consider this if you’re looking to really make your pottery shine.


Ceramic Bisque


So what are the plus points of using this, and how do you do it? Well, read on to find out why you should be painting ceramic bisque with acrylics.


They are Super quick-drying

Acrylics dry super fast, compared to other types of paints. That means you won’t be waiting a long time to apply more coats after that.

Some benefits to a quick-drying paint job include the following:

  • You don’t have to spend as much time on it
  • You’ll be able to add more coats and layers
  • You’ll be able to create a wonderful piece in half the time
  • You can still fire these

Acrylic paints do tend to be fired at a lower temperature, so remember that when you choose to use this.

They are also versatile and can be used on bisque quite easily, allowing you to have a beautiful piece that is easily accessible.


They can be used in thin washes or straight from the tube

Acrylics can be used in different ways, which brings about that added benefit of versatility.

Some ways you can use acrylics on the bisque include the following:

  • Thin washes like watercolors
  • Straight from the tube such as oils
  • They can have washed and then painted over them without disturbing them

Acrylics are also really good for beginners too in order to bring forth a variety of different benefits to your pottery pieces and to help them really shine.


They are Permanent

Now, they are permanent, which means that you can create a permanent coloring in about half the time a stain may take.

They also have a couple of other benefits in terms of permanence, and they are the following:

  • They are easily washed off if you apply it, so if you make a mistake you can fix it
  • They are permanent after they dry, so they won’t come off
  • They dry super quick, so as long as you clean up the mistakes fast, you can do so
  • If you need them to be workable, you can keep them wet to truly benefit from this

Acrylics are good for many people, both beginner, and veteran, for they allow for you to work with a medium that is simple, yet effective, and can allow for you to create good and beautiful pieces with this.


Ceramic Bisque


Has different Types to Use

There are many different types of acrylics to use with some of the pottery that you have, and doing it with a bisque allows for them to fully dry onto the pottery in an effective manner.

Some of the different types of pottery include the following:

  • Transparent acrylics to paint on top of the others
  • Matte effects
  • Glossy acrylics
  • Satin acrylics
  • Lacquered acrylics
  • Water-soluble acrylics that are concentrated to produce three times the amount

There are a lot of options, which allows for those who want to paint with these to do so, and it’s a major benefit of this period.


How to do It

How do you paint your pottery? Well, there are a few ways o do it with bisque pottery, and the ways to do it are as follows:

  • Get your tools, including acrylics, paint brushes, and a kiln to fire these in
  • Brush off the paintbrush to get any of the extra powder from the bisque stage off, and if there are rough areas, sand them with sandpaper
  • Apply paint to the object, and do it thinly over the surface.
  • Start from dark to light colors since it won’t blend the areas
  • Work o the fine details in order to bring out the contrasts to the object
  • Drybrush this by painting the acrylic, and from there, paint it to that which is almost dry
  • Brush the details out, and use a quantity of light paint to create the illusion of light being cast upon.
  • You can brush the surface with gentle strokes, or harder strokes to create a weathered look, highlighting it
  • Don’t apply too much to this, and then press the flat of this over a sheet of roll with your thumb
  • Let this dry until it’s leather-hard, and then cover with a stain to help seal, and fire it

Now, you don’t have to stain the piece in the final step, but it might be of help to you on a DIY level if you feel like you need to add a little more to it.


Firing this

When you fire bisqueware, you want to make sure that it’s fired to the cone that the stain is on. If it’s just basic pottery, some can fire it in the oven, especially with oven-baked clay.

Some tips for firing this include the following:

  • Let it gradually heat up to the point where it seals itself
  • Make sure to let it sit for a long time
  • Do wait for it to cool down before taking this out, for it may explode

Being smart with the firing process is definitely a huge part of this, and it’s a key element to painting bisque pottery


Bisque is Great!

A bisque allowed you to paint various items and such without having to worry about the paint seeping in. The pottery is dry enough that you can use acrylics, which dry fast and look great, and then apply a stain on top to make it look even better.

With that being said, you need to definitely take your time with this. But, if you’re looking for a simple, yet effective means to really make your bisque stand out, and to help with your pottery drying to create pretty colors, then this is one of the best ways to do it.

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