AMACO Glaze Cosmic Tea, The Potters Choice: Complete Review

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Glazing is an important part of the pottery process. It helps enhance your fired piece aesthetically as well as functionally. Talking about the visual context, a glaze can add some amazing colors and textures to your fired piece. Moreover, the right glaze can help completely seal off the clay bodies after firing. It makes them food-safe and waterproof as well.


So, what is the best glaze for beginners as well as expert crafters? Let us learn more about a popular glaze available at a pocket-friendly price.


Features Of AMACO Glaze Cosmic Tea

The AMACO Cosmic Tea Glaze is a high-quality glazing option that comes in a sparkly and dark brown hue. However, as it is fired, the glaze slowly attains a light yellowish-brown hue. When you look at the sparkly bits, it subtly shifts from classic silver to a rustic hue that gives your pottery piece a lustrous quality.


The glaze is available in long-lasting liquid brush-on pints. Make sure you read the label before applying it to ensure that it comes out as you need after the firing process.



Additionally, the glaze’s safety in terms of use in dinnerware can only be ascertained by the firing temperature. Moreover, any other contaminants that might make their way into the glaze during the application process could also affect its safety factor. So, make sure you use it only for decorative purposes as opposed to dinnerware. However, it is considered safe for use in dinnerware if you follow the kiln firing protocol properly.


In terms of firing temperature, the glaze can be fired between 1200oC and 1250oC, which is an approximate range for cone 5 and cone 6. This glaze brings an authentic and beautiful look to your pottery piece. It works well when used with porcelain and stoneware clay.


This glaze is ideal for potters that would love to create a Cone 10 firing reduction effect minus the high-temperature firing process. Using this glaze doesn’t take up a lot of energy and helps you save a lot in terms of energy bills, especially if you use an electric kiln.


Product Specifications

Volume 1 Pints
Product Dimensions 3.15 Inches x 3.15 Inches X 5.51 Inches
Product Weight 1.76 Pounds
Contains Allergens No
Color Dark Brown
Food-Safe Yes (When Fired As Per Instructions)



How To Apply AMACO Cosmic Tea Glaze?

In order to best use the AMACO Cosmic Tea Glaze, start by wiping off your bone-dry clay with the help of a pottery sponge. Make sure you wipe off as much dust as possible. Next, shake the glaze bottle well before using it to ensure no sediments are settled at the bottom of the pint.


Normally, it is advised that you apply at least 3 to 4 coats of the glaze to get the best color output. However, you can also narrow it down to 1 or 2 depending on how deep you want to colors to be. The key is to start the application process from the bottom and then work your way towards the upper section.


This will allow the glaze to dry off at the bottom section hence allowing it to rest properly on any surface once glazing is complete. The best way to apply the glaze is to work in a circular motion to avoid any streak marks or blotches. Make sure you use a bisque pot for glazing purposes to get the best results. If you use any other pottery piece, you might end up with bubbles or flaking issues during the firing process.


The glaze is smooth enough and will glide well on the surface without having to apply a lot of pressure. To apply an even coat faster, you can use a fan brush. Make sure you let the coats dry after each application, or it might cause smudging issues.



If you are someone in love with that sparkly glow for your pottery pieces, make sure you invest in the AMACO Cosmic Tea Potters Choice Glaze. It won’t just give you a natural sparkle but also pack in some vibrant and bright colors that look amazing post-firing. Moreover, the sparkles in the glaze are of the non-separating type. So, it is completely safe for use, even in dinnerware.

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