Sea Mix Pottery Clay: Complete Review

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Clay is much more than just wet earth that you mold objects with. Artists know that selecting the right clay for any project requires intensive research and testing to get the best from several options available in the market. Between the textures of the clay to the body type, there are several elements that one has to consider before deciding which clay is perfect for crafting needs. Among these top-notch brands available in the market, the Sea Mix Pottery Clay is a preferred choice among beginners as well as expert crafters. So, what are the distinguishable features of this clay? Let us find out!

Features Of Sea Mix Pottery Clay

A reliable product from the Seattle Pottery Supply brand, the Sea Mix Pottery Clay is premium-quality throwing clay that is cream-white. When fired in a kiln, the clay turns gray or white during the reduction process and gets lighter due to oxidation. In addition, this 25-lb block is also pugged clay, which means it is wet and ready to use right out of the package.

Although it is still recommended that you hand-wedge the clay before wheel throwing, the Sea Mix Pottery Clay is de-aired and good to build with. Additionally, the clay is fired in mid-range temperature and works perfectly in cone 6 temperature.

  • Ideal for wheel-throwing
  • Ready-to-use (wedging is recommended but not necessary)
  • Strong clay build, especially after drying out
  • Dries fast need to be kept humid to increase workability
  • It doesn’t mold inside the packaging, unlike other wet clay brands
  • It doesn’t crack easily in the bone-dry state

Product Specifications

Item Weight25 Pounds
Cone Firing RangeMidrange Cone 6
Standard AdditionsGrog
TextureSmooth With Less Than 5% Grog
Shrinkage Rate±2% or 12.5% at Cone 5

Why Opt For Sea Mix Pottery Clay?

If you are looking for a reliable clay brand, do not miss out on the beauty of Sea Mix Pottery Clay. First off, it is premium-quality throwing clay from the reputed Seattle Pottery Supply. So, you can surely expect consistency when working with big batches. Moreover, it is ready-to-use making it ideal for beginners as well as expert crafters.

The best thing about Sea Mix Pottery Clay is the fact that it is stronger than most brands and doesn’t crack or flake easily. This is especially helpful when working with complex miniatures or large pieces. Moreover, the sculpture dries fast, so you won’t have to wait longer before you can fire it in a kiln.

While most clay variants tend to shrink as they dry and even after firing, you need to ensure that the clay you pick has the lowest shrinkage. The same is true in the case of the Sea Mix Pottery Clay. Given its low shrinkage rate, you don’t have to worry about major changes once you fire the clay sculpture. Make sure you make your sculpture at least 5 percent bigger than you would want it to be. This would give the sculpture scope to shrink without making it way too small. 

How To Use Sea Mix Pottery Clay For Best Results?

The Sea Mix Pottery Clay is perfect for hand-building, pressing, throwing, jiggering, and dinnerware. Moreover, the grog added to the clay ensures that the final fired texture is smooth and with less speckling. Moreover, it isn’t hard on your hands as well when you opt for hand-building your clay model.

When you open the package, start by separating the clay into multiple blocks. Now depending on how much is needed for your project, you can keep the required amount on your work table while storing the rest in an air-tight box to prevent drying out.

Next, wedge your clay for a minimum of 5 minutes before you start crafting with it. Once you are done sculpting, let it dry in an airy space and fire it once it achieves the bone-dry state.


With the Sea Mix Pottery Clay, you can create clay sculptures and miniatures of any shape and size. The clay feels soft on the hands and has a texture similar to porcelain. Moreover, after you bisque fire it, the colors are very bright and do not change a lot. Furthermore, the fact that it doesn’t have any additives makes it safe to work with and versatile as well. So, for pottery artists looking for clay that takes details well, this brand is the ideal choice.

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