Air Dry Clay For Kids: Fun and Easy Projects for Children

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Air-dry clay’s simplicity makes it a fun option for relaxing family time with kids. It doesn’t require firing, which makes it a safe option for children. Moreover, it is also malleable and non-toxic, which can easily be turned into perfectly beautiful objects. If you don’t want to opt for the regular monotonous weekend routine with your kids, crafting together with air-dry clay can be an engaging and new learning experience. But what can you make with air-dry clay that is easy enough for kids? Keep reading to find out the details!

1. Mini Textured Planters:

Now who doesn’t love a beautifully textured planter? But you wouldn’t want to make things too complicated when working with kids. A great way is to craft mini-textured planters. Simply start by creating a basic bowl-like shape. You can do this with your kid by forming the clay around another existing pot. This way, you won’t have to worry about water entering the air-dry clay, and you can add some strength to the pots as well.

Once you have developed the basic shape, you can use absolutely anything to add texture. For example, if you have some bubble wrap lying around, wrap it around the pot and gently press it with your hands. This will imprint the bubble texture onto the clay. You can also use other household items, such as straws, pen caps, twigs, etc., to create some texture.

2. Clay Pots With Coiling Technique:

Air-dry clay doesn’t require wheel throwing. So, you can opt for some easy hand-building techniques. If you are looking to make something with your kid, coiling is a great way to go about it. Simply roll out your clay into long coils. First, create a cylindrical base to provide support to the clay pot’s form. Next, start laying down the coil on the base, going upwards until a pot-like shape is formed. Now, you can leave it as it is or press on the clay to smooth out the surface and add more strength to the pot. Once the clay pot has dried out completely, you and your kids can color it with the acrylic color of your choice.

3. Leaf Keychain:

Nature has interesting and beautiful designs that can be implemented in your DIY project. For example, if you have a Monstera Deliciosa plant in your garden, you can use the beautiful texture to add it to your project. Start by rolling out your air-dry clay with the help of a rolling pin. A great brand you can try is the AUGSUN Acrylic Clay Rolling Pin. Its transparent and clear design doesn’t block the view when crafting with your kid.

Place the Monstera leaf on the rolled-out air-dry clay and gently press on it. Now, you will have to use a pen knife to cut out the leaf’s shape from the clay. Although pen knives are generally safe for kids to use, make sure you monitor the process for added safety. Once you have carved out the shape, add a hole on the top portion to add the keychain. Let it dry thoroughly before you start coloring.

4. Crayon/Pen Holders:

Another DIY project your kid would love is a crayon/pen holder. Start by creating a half-moon shape with your air-dry clay. Make sure the clay is thick enough for you to add holes on the top while adding stability. Once you have created the basic form, check if the piece sits right on a table. If it feels wobbly, broaden the base. Now, add holes on the semi-circle side of the project with the help of a pen.

After you have done this, let the piece dry out completely and paint it in rainbow colors. Your kid would love the vibrant colors for sure.

Safety Tips When Working On DIY Projects With Kids

  • Try not to use sharp tools when working on DIY projects with kids. Even if you do, make sure it is supervised, and your kid uses gloves for added safety.
  • Teach your kids the importance of washing all the tools after the crafting session is over.


When you and your kids indulge in DIY air-dry clay projects, it helps teach them some new skills as well as patience. Whether your kid is in elementary school, a preschooler, or a teen, these air-dry clay projects are fun to learn and also help you bond.

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