Penguin Pottery – The Best Mix All-purpose Wet Clay Review

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When it comes to preparing a lovely pottery piece that attracts your mind and eyes, the clay’s quality plays a significant role in it. To make your pottery top-notch in terms of feel, texture, and looks, ensuring the best quality clay is of paramount importance.



From the working experience, throwing and centering, wall building, firing, and finishing the entire project with nice glaze, the clay‘s quality plays a vital role. If the clay is not that good, you will not achieve satisfaction while working with it from the very beginning.


Unlike most cheap market-bought clays, which are not perfectly pliable and difficultly textured, the Penguin Pottery is just the best one as an all-purpose wet clay. Any project is going to give you immense joy while working with this clay.


If you think of buying an excellent clay that perfectly suits all your pottery building demands, this article is just for you. Here, we will review the Penguin Pottery clay so that you can make the best decision before buying a lump of clay for your next pottery project. Have a look.


Why should you pick the Penguin Pottery clay?

When you buy the best clay for your pottery, what are the features you look for? Pliable, fresh, easy to work with, and goes best with high firing range, right? That’s exactly what the Penguin Pottery clay is made for.


This wet pottery clay offers a very brilliant performance when you go to work with it to give life to any of your pottery projects. The clay is very pliable, so you can adequately wedge and throw it to center the clay on the wheel. Moreover, the clay has a minimal shrinkage rate after drying and firing it.


Moreover, the clay is vacuum-sealed so that you can get the best result and proper freshness every time you use it.  Besides, the white color of the clay makes it suitable for any decorative pottery-making purpose.


Key specifications of the product:

Cone: 10

Wet color: White

Firing color: Cream

Texture: Smooth

Shrinkage: 13%

Package Dimension: 9.02 x 7.52 x 3.46 inches

Item weight: 5.1 pounds


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Features of the Penguin Pottery Clay:

When it comes to the features, the Penguin pottery clay is packed with goodness. The clay is undoubtedly a good choice for those who are akin to create a very brilliant masterpiece. Here are brilliant features the Penguin Pottery clay has for you:


High firing clay: When looking for clay that goes rightly suitable for a high firing range, the options are fewer. Hence this one is just the perfect one. The Penguin Pottery clay is perfectly suitable for the high firing cone 10 range.


Fine color: The color of the Penguin Pottery is clay is nice. The wet clay comes in a very nice white color so that you can have a proper idea of how it will look post-firing. After firing, the color is brilliant cream which itself looks very magnificent without any glazing.


Fresh: The clay is very fresh, which rightly elevates the quality of your working experience. The clay is vacuum-sealed, which maintains the freshness all the time you start to work with it.


Very pliable: the clay is very nicely pliable and soft so that every time you can have an enjoyable experience while working with it. The clay is very easy to wedge, and the method of wall-building on this clay is too easy.


Low shrinkage: The shrinkage rate of the clay is 13%. It means that the clay is not going to crack easily after you dry it and fire it.


Pros and cons of the Penguin Pottery Clay:

Before making any decision, it is better to look at both the perks and drawbacks of the clay. Hence here are the pros and cons of the clay that you should know



  • Highly durable
  • Easy to wedge
  • Easy to work with
  • Brilliantly compatible with a high firing range
  • Smooth porcelain-like texture
  • Easy to glaze
  • Suitable for versatile use



  • Not suitable for low firing
  • It consumes a bit more time to dry


If you want to buy this clay to give your pottery building the next level of joy, then you can quickly look for it at any of your nearby stores. For an online purchase, click here.


Bottom line

Picking the best clay gives you the most desired results for your pottery work. The Penguin Pottery clay is created only to provide you with a satisfying pottery result every time you want to create something new and charming. Though the clay takes a bit more time to dry, it gives the best durable result every time you use this to make a nice pottery piece. Hence, it is an excellent clay for all-purpose use.

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