Penguin Pottery Suede Chamois for Pottery Smoothing: Complete Review

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The world of pottery packs in a range of tools and accessories that you must know about when crafting your favorite pottery piece. With the right collection by your side, you can ace your pottery game and craft pieces that are the epitome of perfection. One such tool that comes in very handy is the Chamois.



Here, we will review a popular choice for chamois in the market used by professional potters and crafters. The Penguin Pottery Suede Chamois is an ideal choice that helps smooth out the pottery piece with ease. But, before we learn more about it, let us get to the basics and understand what a chamois is and how it works!


What is a Chamois?

Chamois is a great pottery crafting tool that has been used for centuries. Traditionally, it was used as a cleaning rag by European motorcyclists, but later it was replaced by modern cleaning technologies. Chamois is actually a thick yet soft material that features a highly absorbent leather variant. Earlier, it was crafted from mountain antelope skin found in Europe. Today though, it is crafted from a range of materials that include sheepskin, goatskin, cotton, & synthetic materials.


Now that you know all about Chamois let us take a look at the Penguin Pottery Suede Chamois.


Penguin Pottery Suede Chamois: Features

As we learned earlier that Chamois is crafted from a range of materials, most potters prefer the use of suede material as it is softer & more pliable as compared to the chamois crafter from the outer layers of the skin. Given its textured design and open pores, suede is known to absorb liquid faster which makes it ideal for use in pottery work.


The Penguin Pottery chamois is a set of five pre-cut pieces that can be used for smoothing your pottery piece. The piece can easily fit in the palm and doesn’t slip off during the smoothing process. In addition, its super-soft texture helps with better compression of the upper surfaces and edges of the thrown ware.



The best thing about the Penguin Pottery Suede Chamois is that it can be used for smoothing the leather-hard pottery pieces. The biodegradable bag can easily be recycled and doesn’t cause pollution in any form.


Here are some quick features of this chamois pack:

  • Soft on your hands; doesn’t cause abrasion
  • It comes in a recyclable/biodegradable packaging
  • It can also be used for smoothing leather-hard clay pieces
  • Pre-cut pieces that fit right in your palm
  • It doesn’t leave any splotch marks on the clay


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Manufacturer Penguin Pottery LLC
Material Suede
Color Dark Cream
No. of Items Set of 5
Packaging Biodegradable Bag




The Penguin Pottery Suede Chamois is perfect for wheel throwing & can help compress your clay piece on the pottery rim. It can also help absorb extra water present in the pottery piece with no need for a sponge or microfiber towel. So, the next time you plan on creating something new with clay, do give the Penguin Pottery Chamois a quick try!

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