Pottery Clay

How to Choose the Right Pottery Clay

    For many beginning the journey of pottery making, sometimes it’s a bit hard for those that are beginning to choose the pottery clay body that works for them, but here’s the thing, knowing about the right pottery clay to use, and choosing the right one is actually based on a set of factors…

Majolica Pottery

All About Majolica Pottery

You may have seen this intricate design on various plates and the like with flowers, other decorative elements, and the like. You may have noticed that most of these tend to have a white background. Well, this is a type of pottery is very popular when working with earthenware clay bodies, and it’s called majolica…


Marbling Pottery: The Best Tips and Tricks

One technique that many can try with their pottery is marbling. You may have seen this in the past and wondered just how you can actually emulate this style. Well, you’re in luck, because we’re going to talk about how you do marbling. It’s mostly with slips and other decorative techniques, but we’ll go over…

Brush Techniques

10 Brush Techniques To Try With Your Pottery

When you’re looking to create some elegant designs in clay, sometimes you need to think about the brushing that you use. What are some good ones? What will look good? Well, you’re about to find out. It’s definitely something that will take your pottery to the next level, and this post will discuss ten different…


All About Single Fire Glazing Pottery

When it comes to firing pottery, many times, people will single fire it. This includes greenware and other such types of pottery. But what’s so great about it? What is the best way to single-fire glaze pottery? Well, you’re about to find out. This post will go over all that you need to know about…


Two Rules to Make joining Clay Easily!

We talked a lot about slipping and scoring in an earlier article, but let’s talk about how you join stuff together. There are two rules that will make your pottery joining way easier, and they’re two rules often not fully practiced by the average potter. But, if you’re looking to truly master this, if you’re…


Slipping and Scoring Pottery: What is it?

When it comes to bringing pottery together, there are two things that are often mentioned. If you’re thinking about joining different pieces of pottery together to give it a better decoration, then you need to learn about slipping and scoring. But lots of us don’t know about it, or even how to do this. Let’s…