What is Earthenware

One type of pottery people talk a lot about, is earthenware. Earthenware is a very popular pottery use that’s quite important, and it’s definitely something that can help you. This type of pottery is, in essence, nonvitreous pottery, and it typically is fired very low. Usually, this type of pottery fires very low, and it’s…


Kintsugi: Repairing Pottery with Gold

  When it comes to repairing and joining pottery together, some people want to use something different. There are some that want to join pottery with an adhesive, but there are some that want to use a more decorative means to help fix their pottery. Kintsugi is a Japanese form of joining, and it’s quite…


How to Make Clay from Dirt

For many people, they usually buy clay from the store. But, did you know that you could use natural clay that you find, extract, and process yourself, in order to create clay to be used for pottery? Yes, it is possible, and we will go over how to make clay from the dirt, and how…

Pottery Adhesives

The Best Pottery Adhesives Out There

Sometimes, pottery takes a spill. You’re minding your own business, and then suddenly, you notice a pottery piece is on the floor. You may be freaking out about how to repair this, or what the best adhesives are. Well, look no further, for you’re about to find out just what kind of pottery adhesive you…

paint for clay pottery

The Best Paint for Clay Pottery 

When it comes to painting pottery, the first thing you’ll probably wonder, is what is the best paint for clay pottery? What works? Well, you’re about to find out. We’ll discuss the best options that are out there, and what will surely give you results, along with any cautions you may have regarding this type…

Broken Pottery

How to Fix Broken Pottery

Let’s say that you’ve finally put together the perfect piece of pottery. It looks great, right? Everything seems nice and perfect, but then, it falls and breaks. Or maybe, maybe you have a piece that you made in the kiln, and you thought it would be okay, only to experience the rude awakening that you…

Paper Clay

All About Paper Clay

  One thing that a lot of potters like to use is paper clay. Some think it’s a bit easier to work with, and you can utilize it in many different types of clay styles. If you’re someone that wants to try out a different type of clay, paper clay is the way to go.…

Talavera Pottery

How to Make Your Own Talavera Pottery

  For many people, Mexican ceramic pottery is quite gorgeous, and it involves very intricate patterns and lush colors. For many who get into pottery, they want to know how to do this, and often, it can be quite hard to actually find a piece that’s easy to obtain, and not going for a pretty…