Essential Coil Pottery Tools: Your Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

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Coil pottery relies on particular tools to turn crafts into masterpieces. Each tool, from clay knives to banding wheels, is vital in shaping and refining ceramics. Burnishing tools enhance elegance, whereas paddles and pukis provide precise sculpting. The extruder revolutionizes coil construction, and rib and texture tools provide uniqueness and dimension. Brushes accentuate color and detail. Together, these tools help artists create intricate designs and one-of-a-kind shapes that represent their mastery and passion for coil pottery. Let’s discuss these tools in depth.

Why Use Coil Pottery Tools?

Coil pottery is an ancient art that dates back thousands of years. This method uses long coils of clay to form the structure. It allows artists to create intricate designs and unique shapes and add personal touches to their pieces. The basic concept of coil pottery is the same as in ancient times. However, its tools have evolved as artists wish to be more efficient with their work.

One primary reason potters use coil pottery tools is to achieve precision. These tools help artists work with greater accuracy to maintain the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the form. The right tools make all the difference, whether you are smoothening out coils or adding delicate touches to the form.

Moreover, tools offer versatility. Each tool serves a specific purpose, be it shaping or texturing. Tools allow you to experiment with different techniques and styles. Artists become more creative with the correct set of tools at their disposal. As you become more comfortable with the tools, it will reflect in your forms.

11 Must-Have Coil Pottery Tools

Specialized tools help improve the overall experience of pottery making. There is a sense of satisfaction that comes with high-quality tools created especially for your artistry. So, let’s discuss each coil pottery tool in detail to learn their use:

1. Clay Knife

The clay knife is your trusty companion in the studio. This tool gives you unparalleled precision in cutting, shaping, and detailing clay. Its sharp edges and ergonomic design help you carve intricate patterns and trim excess clay. The clay knife also gives a clean, precise line to your coil pottery pieces. It is a versatile tool that helps artists sculpt delicate features and refine intricate details.

2. Banding Wheel

The branding wheel is the heart of your pottery studio. It is a versatile platform that serves as the pivot point for your creative endeavors. The banding wheel provides a stable foundation for shaping, decorating, and refining your pottery pieces. It has a smooth and sturdy construction. The banding wheel gives you unparalleled control and precision, which helps you be creative in your art. It can be used when hand-building the coils of applying intricate designs to the form.

3. Burnishing Tools

Burnishing tools are necessary for giving an elegant and sophisticated touch to your heart. Burnishing tools are designed to smooth and polish the surface of the clay. They help create a lustrous finish that enhances the texture and beauty of your creations. These tools allow artists to create sleek and glossy surfaces. It also helps create satin-like finishes to add a touch of luxury and refinement to your forms.

4. Paddle

The paddle is your guiding hand, helping you shape and sculpt your creations with precision and finesse. Its flat and ergonomic design allows you to compress and shape clay coils. The paddle also helps maintain the uniform thickness and structural integrity of your pottery pieces. So, whether you are creating functional vessels or sculptural pieces, the paddle lets you bring your creative vision to life.

5. Puki

Precision is essential in coil pottery; the tiny puki helps you achieve it. It is a small and sound tool designed to refine the interior of pottery pieces. It enables you to sculpt intricate curves and contours with precision and finesse. Its compact and ergonomic design enables you to smooth out the delicate details. It makes your form look artistic and intentional.

6. Extruder

The extruder is a game changer in coil pottery. It helps you create coils of clay with better precision and ease. The extruder produces coils of various sizes and shapes by extruding clay through a shaped die. It helps you create new dimensions for your clay form and texture. The extruder enables you to create intricate patterns and bold geometric shapes.

7. Clay Rolling Pin

The clay rolling pin is a must in your pottery studio. It has a smooth surface, and ergonomic design helps you flatten and smooth clay with ease. It lets you ensure that your pieces have an even thickness and texture across your pottery pieces. Their rolling pin helps you create the perfect smooth clay to prepare the coils.

8. Clay Wedding Board

The clay wedging board provides a sturdy foundation for preparing and kneading materials. Its spacious surface and durability help remove air bubbles and ensure uniformity in the clay. The wedging board is also useful for other pottery methods.

9. Rib Tools

Rib tools are used to smoothen surfaces, define contours, and add intricate details to the form. Rib tools help you create subtle curves and bold geometric shapes as well. They are essential tools for any potter’s toolkit. There are several rib tools available in the market that artists can use. However, the Byllstore Pottery Ribs and Trimming Tools are the best in the market as they provide more precision and come in several colors.

10. Texture Tools

Texture tools are perfect for artists who like to add personality to their forms. Texture tools can range from stamps to rollers. They come in different patterns and designs to allow you maximum creativity. Potters usually have a curated collection of signature texture tools to set their works apart from other artists.

11. Brushes

Brushes are handy to add depth, color, and personality to your creation. You will need brushes to apply underglazes, fine details, and color to your form. They come in various sizes to create your desired shapes and designs.


The right coil pottery tools can truly set you apart from the others. These include texture tools, clay rolling pin, extruder, puki, burnishing tools, branding wheel, clay knife, and brushes. As artists experiment and work with these tools, they get more confident and creative with their forms.

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