Best Clay for Pottery on Amazon

When it comes to starting with pottery, you want a clay that does the job well, and one that you can rely on. Here, we’ll talk about what factors you should consider, and the clay that you need. Amazon is a great place to buy pottery clay, but it tends to be saturated with many…

Sculpting Wheel

Why you need a Sculpting Wheel for Pottery

When working with pottery, sometimes you want to take this to the next level. That’s why a sculpting wheel for pottery is probably one of your best options. You may wonder why as well, and here, we’ll talk about it. We’re going to explore what the benefits of a sculpting wheel for pottery are, along…


How to Sponge Paint Pottery

  Are you looking to bring a whole new life to your pottery? Well, why not try sponge painting for design? This creates some really cool products and results, and here, we’ll tell you how to sponge paint pottery, and some of the reasons why people would consider using this technique to decorate their pottery.…

Best Pottery Tool Set

The Best Pottery Tool Set on Amazon Found!

If you’re looking for pottery tools, sometimes finding the right set can be annoying. You want something that works for you, and one that contains high-quality tools that you won’t have to replace frequently. We did a lot of searching, and after much deliberation, we’ve found the best pottery tool set on Amazon that you…

Crackle Glaze Pottery

How to Make Crackle Glaze Pottery

Crackle glaze, or crazing, is something that happens on accident many times, and it results in a pinging sound for your pottery. But, did you know that you can make crackle glaze pottery quite easily, and it doesn’t subject the pottery itself to the weakness that typical crazing does?     You can take part…

Pottery Ping

Why does my Pottery Ping?

One common pottery issue is you’ll hear a “pinging” sound and you might wonder what that is. It’s actually the result of something called crazing, which is a pottery defect that happens to new pottery that is under tension. Why does my pottery ping though? Why does it continue to happen, even after many years?…

pottery cracks

Why does My Pottery Crack?

If you’ve ever been in the position where you take pottery out of the kiln and it’s got a big old crack in it, you’re not alone. Pottery cracking a common beginner’s mistake, and while frustrating it can be prevented. Here, we’ll talk about why your pottery cracks, and what you can do about it.…