crackle glaze

What Chemicals Make up Crackle Glaze?

You may have heard of crackle glaze, or also called crazing.  This does involve a specific technique, but there are a few chemicals that can help with creating this, and here, we’ll talk about what they are. If you’re wondering what chemicals makeup crackle glaze, then you’re in luck, because here, we’ll explore a few…


Is Terracotta Biodegradable?

Terracotta is a type of pottery that’s made from earthenware clay. Lots of potters think that since this comes from the earth, it’s biodegradable. Clay comes from mud and other substances, so shouldn’t it be? The answer is actually not quite what you may think it is, but here, we’ll answer the question of is…


How to Store your Pottery Clay

Storing pottery clay is important for potters of all skill levels. That is because, if you don’t store it right, you subject the clay to dryness. Dryness leads to the inability to use it, and it reduces the effectiveness, so it can cost you money. So how do you store your pottery clay? Well, you’re…