Coil Pottery Innovations: Infusing Contemporary Flair into Traditional Craft

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In the fascinating world of pottery, where ideas meet craftsmanship, the art has evolved over the years, and the traditional techniques have transformed into artistic aestheticism. Similarly, the coil pottery may be helpful to give modern designs a traditional touch.

As the hand molding technique continues flourishing, we look deeper at its characteristics. This article beacons us on how coil pottery instills contemporary flair into the traditional craft.

How Has Coil Pottery Technique Evolved Over the Years?

The origin of coil pottery was traced to Eastern Europe and the Middle East in 8000 B.C. This type of pottery was prominently used to store and cook. During this period, the use of wheels for crafting purposes had not yet been discovered.

So, coil pottery has its roots in ancient civilization. The technique kept evolving as years passed and has undergone some significant changes. Some of these changes are using advanced contemporary techniques and designs while keeping its fundamentals intact, integrating modern elements such as decorative lights, and so on.

How Coil Pottery Infuses Contemporary Flair into Traditional Craft?

Now that we know about the history and development of coil pottery let us understand how you can infuse contemporary flair into the traditional craft by using coil pottery.

  • Asymmetric Design

Coil pottery is known for its asymmetric design. Unlike traditional pottery, there is no use of a wheel that gives an accurate shape for the object. Coil pottery crafting is all about forming the coils and laying one coil at a time until the desired shape is obtained. It is a unique form of free-style art that makes the object look attractive.

  • Unconventional Designing with Clay

In the case of traditional pottery, by using the wheel, any object like the pot can be crafted in an orthodox manner without much variations. However, in the case of coil pottery, as there is no use for a wheel, you can lay a coil in a manner that forms an unconventional yet aesthetic design.

  • Technological Involvement in Technique and Designing

They say, ‘change is the only constant,’ and rightly so. Coil pottery has undergone several changes over the years. Fancy lighting, like LED bulbs, makes the coil pottery design more pleasing and vivid. Similarly, the use of modern painting techniques and brushstrokes further enhances the overall appearance of the artwork.

However, you must use proper pottery tools to fuse contemporary technologies and traditional charm effectively. You can check out the BIGTEDDY Clay Sculpting Tools to give a sharp look to your crafted objects.

  • Environment-Friendly

Environment conservation is one of the major challenges in today’s world. However, in the case of coil pottery, eco-friendly materials are used to make the clay sustainable and recyclable. Using such material conveys a strong message to everyone that creativity should not be showcased at the cost of deteriorating nature.

  • Integration of Elements in Crafting

Nowadays, various materials such as wood, glass, and metal are integrated with coil pottery objects to enhance their overall beauty. It not only amplifies the piece of art but also makes it appear visually appealing. For instance, if you are making a cup with the help of the coil pottery technique, you can make its handle from wood or metal to give it a different combined effect.

  • The Art of Abstract Sculpting

Abstract art is all about playing with ideas. But you can put your ideas into creation with the help of coil pottery. Coil pottery, being versatile, can be used to narrate a story through its design and uniqueness. It makes coil pottery a fascinating kind of art. For example, abstract vases and containers are popular in coil pottery crafting.

  • Geometric Patterns

Because the design of coil pottery objects is unconventional and asymmetric, it can take any shape. All you have to do is lay each coil in such a manner that it gets the desired shape. It allows you to use various geometric shapes, enhancing its visual appearance.

Final Words

Advancement in any aspect is a sign of development and is inevitable. Over time, there would be a change in the techniques and overall fundamentals. In the case of pottery, the method has developed over the years and is still one of the most widely used worldwide.

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