The Best Trace Paper For Pottery

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Doing arts and crafts has only become more efficient and fun with the introduction of new products and technologies. Especially for people who not only do art as a hobby but make it their source of livelihood, these tools are reliable support.


Now, artists can easily flourish in their businesses. A tracing paper is one of those tools for artists. And it is not only limited to a few kinds of arts but can be used in any shape or form — including pottery!


Let us learn how tracing paper can assist in the art of pottery through this article.


How Are Tracing Papers Useful In Pottery?

To err is human. While you might not doubt your creative abilities, you are human and bound to make mistakes. Art does not precisely mean perfection and flawless. But when creating a pottery piece, most artists want to reach their desired image.



This is where tracing paper comes in. All you need is a base of your desired designs and art and tracing paper, and you will be good to go. These tracing papers are similar to the ones you might have seen being used in offices and shops, slipped between notebooks to keep an instant copy of bills and other documents. These tracing papers work similarly to those carbon ink papers.


You might feel like the same carbon paper could also be used in pottery. But that is not true, or at least not recommended. Carbon paper stains the areas it covers quickly and is sensitive to the lightest amounts of pressure. It will not work in the case of pottery and might even ruin your piece. So, we recommend you go for tracing papers used explicitly for artwork.


Red Saral Wax-Free Transfer (Tracing) Paper

An artist’s tracing paper caters to all the needs an artisan might have. These tracing papers are customized to fit the dynamic execution of ideas that every creative artist comes up with. Saral’s Red Tracing Paper is an excellent product you do not want to miss out on in pottery.



This pale red roll of tracing paper does the best job at transferring faint lines to any surface. The red color ensures that you can easily cover it up with paints and proper outlining in the later stages of decorating your piece.


The transfer or tracing paper comes in a cylindrical role of sheets like aluminum foil. You can cut through the sheets without wasting tracing paper. The role is also convenient to carry around or store.


Since this is a tracing paper for artists, it does not leave streaks on the area you put the sheet over. As mentioned before, it works efficiently on any surface. So, you can work with it on different kinds of clays and any shape you want your pottery piece to be in. the red color is also visible on both dark and light-colored surfaces, which it lacks in popular carbon tracing sheets.


Paper Finish
Paint Type
Watercolor Painting
12.85 x 1.8 x 1.9 inches
Item Weight
2.08 ounces


Features Of Red Saral Wax-Free Transfer Paper

Here are some intrinsic features of Red Saral Wax-Free Transfer Paper that make it suitable for every ceramic project.


Reliable Tracing Lines

One of the best features of Saral’s Red Tracing paper is that the lines drawn through these sheets do not erase easily. Although they are light enough to not starkly show up on your piece, while you are further working on the design, the traced lines stay on and do not smudge away. This way, you can quickly complete filling in your intricate details until you are satisfied with your pottery piece!


No Stains Or Smudges

The product is wax-free and does not contain acid. It not only means that it cannot easily stain but is also free of toxicity. Unless you forcefully press it on the surface, it might end up tracing the pressure, but otherwise, it will keep the surface clean. Use washi tapes to lock it carefully in one place on the pottery piece.


Not For Single-Use

Another great feature of this product is that you can use one piece of tracing paper multiple times on different surfaces. It will work better if you need to trace the same design on several surfaces. This way, you can keep one role of tracing sheets going for a long time. It proves that Saral’s tracing paper is affordable and a great buy!


How To Get The Best Results From Red Saral Tracing Paper?

Just having a good product does not solve all of our problems. Knowing how to use it to the best of its ability is crucial to getting your desired results.


As you already know, you can use this paper on any surface, from porcelain to earthenware. But remember that the surface should be absolutely dry, or you will ruin the tracing paper or get stains on your pottery pieces.


Make sure it is not thick or hard paper for the design sheet you will use for tracing. Pottery is more often than not made up of curves and irregular surfaces. A thick sheet will be difficult to press flexibly according to the surface of the pottery piece.


Further, even if you try to trace over that drawing sheet, it will probably not leave an impression on the tracing paper and, therefore, no trace on the pottery piece. So, use a simple sheet like copier paper to do the tracing work.


To get the best results, you will also need to ensure that you are not tracing your drawings harshly on the pottery pieces. It will then leave an impression that could easily stain the other pieces you might wish to use it on. Use a blunt pencil or a crayon to trace over the lines lightly.



With Red Saral Wax-free Tracing Paper, you can reach greater heights in your art than before. Following a few rules, you can quickly get your best designs and patterns on any possible pottery surface. Thus, this product provides fantastic value for the price and can be used for different purposes.

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