A Complete Review On WILLBOND 6 Pieces Pottery Clay Ribs

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Pottery is a great art form that has existed since the oldest human civilizations. For decorative purposes or day-to-day use, throwing pots needs a lot of patience and talent. It’s not just the clay that plays a significant role in pottery but also the tools used in throwing pots.



One such important tool that’s used while throwing pots is clay ribs. The clay ribs will be one of the most common tools you’ll come across in a potter’s workspace. It is used for burnishing and many other purposes. The ribs come in various shapes, materials, and sizes that potters choose according to their comfort.


Unlike the easily damageable and burnishing ones sold, which might not be suitable for throwing pots, the ceramic clay ribs of WILLBOND are perfect for satisfying all the necessities for which you might need ribs.


Why Should You Choose WILLBOND Pottery Clay Ribs?

When you choose a clay rib for pottery, what are some factors based on which you buy the ribs? Ribs that are durable, easy to work with, and do not hinder the progressing work are preferred the most. Hence, WILLBOND Clay Ribs are best for you, as they’re designed with the above functionalities.


Though many other ribs are available, the ones offered by WILLBOND are the traditional kidney shape, which comes in 3 different sizes. They are red-colored and soft in texture.


This ceramic clay rib is the best for potters just beginning the art of pottery. For professionals, this would be one of the many but most preferred clay ribs while throwing pots. WILLBOND offers 3 pairs, i.e., 6 pieces of clay ribs in progressive sizes.


Product Specifications

Below are the WILLBOND Clay Rib’s specifications that you can refer to for a better idea.

Product Weight 3.87 ounces
Product Manufacturer WILLBOND
Product Dimension 6.3 x 4.96 x 1.1 inches
Battery Requirement Not required
Type Pottery tool
Base Material Rubber



Features Of WILLBOND Pottery Clay Ribs

The clay ribs have a lot of outstanding features if you’re a beginner or even if you’re a professional looking for soft clay ribs for your next project. This rib is made with high-quality rubber and is a perfect tool for throwing awesome designs in pottery. Below are some notable features you need to know before buying it.



1. Soft And Durable

The softness of the ceramic material assists you in giving uniform resistance all across the surface to provide the best shapes and texture to the pottery piece.


2. Best Shape For Curves and Finishing Touches

The classic kidney shape of the clay rib ensures a smooth transition with angles that leads you to create the most awesome shapes and patterns in your pots. While giving finishing touches to your pottery, the tool will also help remove accidental finger marks.


3. 3 Ranges In Size

The size difference will help you incorporate different designs and be used for the projects based on dimensions. The compact sizes of the WILLBOND clay ribs make them easier to store and maintain.


4. Easy Flexible Rubber For Contouring

The ceramic clay rib is designed so that the tool is flexible and will stay smooth and soft even after long-term use.


5. Versatility In Usage

The WILLBOND clay ribs offer various productive uses while throwing pots. From shaping and smoothing to gifting someone beautiful clay ribs, it provides many benefits to potters.


Benefits Of The WILLBOND Pottery Clay Ribs

The advantages of using the WILLBOND Clay Ribs are as follows.
  • Top-quality rubber material
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store and clean
  • Highly flexible
  • Smooth and soft texture
  • Has multipurpose uses
  • No burrs or cracks


If you plan on buying the WILLBOND Clay Ribs to make your pottery throwing skills more sophisticated, you can find them in local stores or click here to buy them online.



Choosing the right tools is one of the talents of potters. Your tools significantly affect your pot’s appearance after you finish the work. The WILLBOND Clay Ribs are designed in such a way that it makes shaping and smoothing easier to guarantee you a perfect finish. Though it might take a little time to get used to using a clay rib, with practice, you’ll excel using it.

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