The Best Pottery Tape To Use

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Throwing pots in itself is a very beautiful and satisfying act. What adds to the happiness of seeing a well-finished piece of pottery is using new and unique techniques to create breathtaking patterns and designs.


Potters use many methods to design their pieces. And among those, one such approach to making patterns on pottery pieces is using pottery tape to create designs.


Thus, in this article, let us look at pottery tape, its methods, and the best pottery tape for you.


What Is Pottery Tape, And Why Do You Need It?

Pottery tapes that are used for designing purposes are nothing but masking tapes or painting tapes. Tapes that have good adhesive properties are generally used to create designs in pottery pieces. This makes it one of the most readily available tools to beautify your pots.


In pottery jargon, the tape is called a ‘resist.’ You’ll see that the tapes will help in creating perfect curved or straight lines. You use the tape in areas where you don’t need paint or create an outline with the tape so that no color goes outside it. This dual purpose opens up a lot of techniques for making designs on pots.


Feeke Colored Painters Tape

One of the convenient things about using pottery tape for creating designs is that you get to map out your unique patterns and design a piece that reflects your artistic talents. Hence, investing in good-quality tape will prove to be helpful when you decide to decorate your pot. The Feeke Colored Painters Tape is an excellent choice for potters. Please take a look at the features that make it ideal for you.


1. Versatile

The tape can be used by kids and adults in their DIY projects and other artworks. It is made of acrylic and comes in 6 different colors. Also, the product is highly durable and can be used on many surfaces like plastic, wood, paper, and cardboard.


2. Secure Adhesive

The colors of the Colored Painters Tape are long-lasting and have good adhesive properties, so the tape provides longer endurance to the object. Using the tape on pottery ensures that the color or the glaze you are using does not seep into the taped-off area.


3. Hassle-Free Use

Even after drying, the process will be smooth when you take off the tape, and there won’t be any damage to the glaze you have done on the pottery. Overall, the Colored Painters Tape is easy to work with and easy to dispose of, too, so you don’t have much work after the design process!



Product weight
4 ounces
472*1*0.1 inches
Base material



Though the adhesive is not toxic, it is always safe to exercise caution when using the tape and when disposing of the smaller pieces of used tape. Ensure that the discarded smaller pieces of tape are out of the reach of the pets and kids so that there are no choking hazards.


Tips To Use The Feeke Colored Painters Tape Optimally During Glazing

As we have already established, using tape resist is one of the best ways to create designs. Though there might be many techniques, here are some tips that you will find helpful while glazing using the Feeke Colored Painters Tape.


  • Peel the tape off before it ultimately gets dry.
  • For a unique design, you can remove the tape and give it another layer of glaze. Then cover it with tape again. It will provide you with various shades of colors.
  • As glazes sometimes can run when they are layered and damage the already completed design, it’s safer to test them once or twice before applying them to the final pottery piece.
  • To get a torn surface, try using torn newspapers or paper towels. Apply them when wet.
  • Another way to get a torn surface is to pull the Feeke Colored Painters Tape lengthwise.


There are other designs that you can do on your pottery. Place the pattern tool on top of the surface you want to glaze and design away!


Try Unique Designs With Feeke Colored Painters Tape

We have given some tips for using Feeke Colored Painters Tape. Let us take a quick look at how you should use it when creating pot designs.



1. Tools Required

The following are tools needed to create a unique design using Feeke Colored Painters Tape.

  • Sponge
  • Underglaze
  • Cutting mat- self-healing
  • Bisque pottery surface
  • Craft knife
  • Feeke Colored Painters Tape
  • Paintbrush
  • Clear glaze


2. Step-By-Step Procedure

Let’s look at the steps you can implement with the Feeke Colored Painters Tape to make your design.


Step 1

Use a wet sponge to clean your bisque pot so there will be no dust. The dampness will also help the tape stick well to the pot’s surface.


Step 2

Once you have decided what shape you want, take the knife and the cutting mat and cut the tape to the pot’s surface based on the form you have in mind.


Step 3

As you place the Feeke Colored Painters Tape, make sure that you are doing it so that the tape is smooth over the bisque surface.


Step 4

Try applying two or three layers of underglaze to a solid color. As you allow it to dry, you will notice that the color will be good without any streaks.


Step 5

Once the underglaze is adequately dry, slowly and carefully remove the Feeke Colored Painters Tape and look for any uneven lines. Then, give a coating of clear glaze to finish the pottery piece.



Pottery tapes, especially Feeke Colored Painters Tape, have a multitude of uses when it comes to pottery. More often than not, your creativity will help you realize how you can utilize the tools that surpass designated purposes. The tape is cost-effective, safe, and easy to use, making it one of the popular choices among potters.

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