The Best Oven Bake Clay To Use

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As a beginner pottery artist, it isn’t necessary for you to have access to a commercial kiln that is pretty expensive. If you are starting out as a hobbyist or simply learning the basics, you don’t really need to work with a kiln. Instead of going with traditional clay variants like earthenware, porcelain, or stoneware clay, you can simply look for the best oven-bake clay to use. If you have an old oven at home that you don’t use anymore, it could be perfect for this learning experience. So, which is the best oven-bake clay available in the market for beginners? Let us find out!

Features Of Super Sculpey Oven Bake Polymer Clay

The Super Sculpey Oven Bake Polymer Clay is an ideal choice for beginner crafters that aren’t fast as required with air-dry clay. This clay doesn’t dry out during the sculpting process, as seen with air-dry clay. It is 100% polymer without any adulteration. The clay allows you a longer working time and only hardens when baked in the oven. The Super Sculpey Clay doesn’t require baking in a kiln, and you can easily store the extra clay in an air-tight container to be used later.

The clay is formulated to take in fine tooling as well as intricate details. So, it doesn’t fill in once you have added the finer details. Also, unlike other polymer clay variants available in the market, the Super Sculpey comes in a gray color that ensures you can see the details better than a bright white color.

  • Medium firm clay to achieve proper detailing
  • Once hardened in an oven, the clay can easily be sanded, carved, painted, or drilled as desired
  • Non-toxic oven bake clay that conforms to the safety standards under ASTM D-4236

Product Specifications

Brand/ManufacturerSuper Sculpey
Weight0.99 lbs/15.87 ounces
TypeOven-Bake Clay
Product Dimensions3 X 1.56 X 5.94 Inches
Recommended Curing Temperature275oF

Why Should You Opt For The Super Sculpey Oven Bake Polymer Clay?

The Super Sculpey Oven Bake Polymer Clay is a great option for beginner artists that don’t have a kiln to work with traditional clay. It is also a suitable option for artists that do not want to work with air-dry clay. So, why should you opt for this polymer clay for your oven-baking needs? Let us learn!

1. Durable As Compared To Air-Dry Clay:

The Super Sculpey Oven Bake Polymer Clay is durable as compared to air-dry clay. Once cured in an oven, it hardens to give you a durable and permanent figurine that doesn’t easily crumble or break like air-dry clay.

2. Versatility:

This oven-bake clay is very versatile and can easily be implemented into a range of applications and projects. Moreover, it is available in a range of colors that can be mixed together to create some beautiful custom shades.

3. Better Detailing:

The Super Sculpey Oven Bake Polymer Clay is easy to work with and very pliable. So, adding texture and details to the sculpture is very easy. This clay holds fine details very well while allowing you to create unique patterns and shapes for a custom project.

How To Use The Super Sculpey Oven Bake Polymer Clay?

In order to use the Super Sculpey Oven Bake Polymer Clay, you need to first start by preparing your workspace. Make sure it is clean and doesn’t have any dust or dirt. Next, lay down parchment paper or work on a non-stick surface that can later be cleaned easily. Now, condition the clay to make it softer and easier to work with. Knead it well with your hands, or you can also use a polymer clay conditioning machine that makes the task easier.

Now you can begin the shaping and sculpting process. Once you are happy with your design, let it sit while you preheat the oven to the temperature recommended by the manufacturer. Once the oven achieves this temperature, place your creation on a pre-prepared baking surface while ensuring that your sculptures do not touch each other.

Once the baking is complete, let the figurine cool inside the oven and remove it only when it has cooled down to room temperature. This will prevent breaks or cracks that happen due to temperature changes.


When looking for a versatile and highly forgiving clay medium, the Super Sculpey Oven Bake Polymer Clay will surely be your go-to choice for every project. Apart from its ability to take in finer details, the finished creations are artistic and open up several possibilities for your future projects. So, when searching for reliable oven-bake clay, do not forget to try out the Super Sculpey, and you will get yourself some of the most long-lasting creations that are perfect for sculptures, jewelry, or home décor.

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