BABORUI 14Pcs Pottery Mug Handle Molds: Complete Review

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Mugs are the easiest thing you can make when starting as a pottery artist. However, their handles can be a bit messy to perfect. Pottery mug handles carry the weight of the entire mug and have to be durable enough to let you hold it even with liquids inside. Moreover, the handle has to be sized properly to ensure you can hold it for a long time without any pain in your palms. So, how would you achieve this consistency and perfection? The key is to get pottery mug handle molds like the BABORUI 14 Pcs Pottery Mug Handle Molds Set. But why is it so unique and ideal for your pottery escapades? Here is a complete review to help you understand!

Features Of BABORUI 14 Pcs Pottery Mug Handle Molds

As a beginner, achieving consistency with your artwork can be difficult, especially if you are preparing the mugs in bulk for commercial purposes. The BABORUI pottery mug handles mold set is a great addition to your pottery tool kit. Whether you want a classic rounded handle or are looking forward to experimenting with unique shapes, these 14 different handle molds are the perfect set to bet on. With this set, you can achieve consistency in your artwork while creating handles that are sturdy and shapely.

Unlike the foam handle molds, the BABORUI 14 Pcs Pottery Mug Handle Molds are crafted with sturdy wood that lasts long and is very durable. Moreover, the mold set provides you with multiple sizes and design options to choose from. So, you can form any handle shape you desire.

  • Ideal 15mm width for proper thickness and strength
  • It can be separated from the clay easily once the handle design is set
  • The small, easy-to-handle design is perfect for extruding and pulling
  • Light in weight yet sturdy for long-term use

Product Specifications

Number Of Pieces14
Length X Breadth3.5-1.7 Inches X 1.85-1.2 Inches

Why Opt For BABORUI 14 Pcs Pottery Mug Handle Molds?

The BABORUI 14 Pcs Pottery Mug Handle Molds tend to offer a plethora of benefits for ceramic and pottery artists. But why should you opt for this mug handle mold set? Read on to find out:

  • Achieve Consistency:

The BABORUI Mug Handle Molds allow for consistent reproduction of different types of handle shapes. These molds ensure that all your mugs have a uniform handle shape, thickness, and size, which are ideal for functional and aesthetic purposes.

  • Efficiency:

Having access to pottery mug handle molds allows pottery artists to create beautiful and symmetric handles in big batches. In addition, with access to several mold designs, one can produce ergonomic handles with better efficiency while increasing output and productivity.

  • Cost-Effective Option:

The BABORUI Mug Handle Molds set is a cost-effective option for potters who love to produce mugs in large quantities. The mold can be used to create handles repeatedly while reducing any requirement for additional labor or materials. So, it effectively brings down the cost incurred over time.

  • Design Versatility:

With the BABORUI Mug Handle Molds set, you can create several designs and styles, which also allow you to experiment with various textures, shapes, as well as decorative elements.

How To Use BABORUI 14 Pcs Pottery Mug Handle Molds?

To use the BABORUI 14 Pcs Pottery Mug Handle Molds, you need to start by preparing the clay. First, you need to wedge it right to remove any possible air bubbles while ensuring consistency and pliability in terms of texture. Next, prepare the mold of your choice by applying a release agent to the surface of the mold. This will ensure that the clay doesn’t stick to the surface of the mold.

Follow the instructions provided with the mold package. Pick the required amount of clay and start developing the shape around the handle mold. Once you are happy with the shape, gently pull apart the clay and place it onto the mug by scoring the areas where the handle would go. Blend the clay with some water or slip until you are happy with the result.


The BABORUI 14 Pcs Pottery Mug Handle Molds offer pottery artists an efficient and convenient solution for creating professionally crafted handles. With the help of these pottery handle molds, you can increase your workflow and productivity and streamline your workflow. To get the best results, make sure you always clean your handle molds thoroughly and dry them completely before storing them.

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