XILAOTOU A Box Of 12 Tack Sponges Review

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A tack sponge comes in handy if you want to sculpt beautiful pottery. It is also very useful in cleaning your day-to-day products like leather sofas, horse tack, and leather boots without scratching the surfaces. You can easily clean almost everything using tack soap of appropriate size and configuration.



Even though tack sponges are basic pottery tools, you must look into their features before investing in one. Various types of tack sponges are present in the market that might be cheap but not provide value for your money. For long-lasting cleaning purposes, XILAOTOU A Box of 12 Tack Sponges can be a good choice. Here is the complete review of the product.


Features Of XILAOTOU A Box Of 12 Tack Sponges

XILAOTOU gives a pack of 12 tack saddles made with durable and soft-form materials. The sponges are easy to use and medium-sized, ideal for cleaning, glazing, and smoothening pottery. They are super light and porous to render effective results on pottery clay and leather products. Furthermore, the elasticity and softness of the sponges are unparalleled by any other tack sponge in the market.


Some of the highlighting features are as follows.


Ergonomic Design

XILAOTOU sponges are moderate-size premium quality sponges designed for rough uses. The shape of the sponge is carefully designed for easy cleaning and better holding. On top of that, sea sponges have a longer lifespan than regular sponges, which means they will serve you for a long time.


Enhanced Performance

The sponges are made of durable synthetic materials with a coarse pore structure. It increases the water absorption rate of the sponges and makes it easier to clean and shape your pottery piece. The sponges are highly elastic and have smooth surfaces for glazing on the pot’s body.


Easy Usage

You can use it with saddle soap to clean pottery pieces and the workspace. Also, the highly porous sponge makes it easier to dampen the leather before stamping and staining or dyeing the leather after working on it.


Material Foam
Quantity 12
Color Yellow
Item Dimensions 2.83 x 2.83 x 1.18 inches
Item Weight 0.01 pounds



Pros And Cons Of XILAOTOU A Box Of 12 Tack Sponges

Every product has its merits and demerits associated with it. Thus, knowing about every aspect is crucial before considering a product for your pottery project.


Here are some pros and cons of XILAOTOU A Box of 12 Tack Sponges.



  • Sea sponges are highly durable and smooth in texture.
  • Can clean pottery pieces without leaving a scratch or smudge behind.
  • Highly composable, it can easily absorb water to perfect quantity.



  • Synthetic material sponge.
  • Less effective than natural soap for oil cleaning.


Wrapping Up

XILAOTOU A Box of 12 Tack Sponges is one of the best pottery sponges in the market. They are long-lasting, highly efficient, and easy to use for everyday purposes. The product is also cost-efficient and provides value for money. It comes in a package of 12 sponges, each being of premium quality for effective pottery cleaning and sculpting purposes.

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