Liviosa Pottery Turntable Clamp: Complete Review

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As a pottery artist, it is common to see errors in your pottery work that needs to be fixed. First, however, you need a stable surface to work on, especially if the pottery ware doesn’t have an even base. When repairing intricate details in your artwork, the piece needs to stay still, or you might end up worsening the errors. In such cases, an adjustable turntable clamp is the perfect solution. While you might find several options in the market, finding the right one in your budget is important. A reliable option you can try is the LIviosa Pottery Turntable Clamp. But what makes it better than other options? Let us learn about some of its features!

Features Of Liviosa Pottery Turntable Clamp

Liviosa turntable clamp comes in handy for potters that wish to keep things steady when repairing worn or damaged pottery ware. It comprises multiple clamps that can be placed in strategic sections of the turntable’s shaft. This securely holds the pottery ware in place to allow replacements or repairs to be made. Here are some features of the Liviosa Pottery Turntable Clamp:

  • It can easily be adjusted to fit pottery pieces of various sizes
  • The strong grip keeps the pottery ware secured in place and prevents it from moving or wobbling
  • A durable ABS design ensures that the clamp can easily withstand repeated use while also being light in weight
  • Compatible with most turntable models with wheel diameters ranging between 20 and 30 cm
  • No complicated parts, which makes it easy to use

Product Details

Item Weight3.45 Pounds
MaterialABS Plastic
Turntable Model Compatibility7.8 – 11.8 Inches / 20 – 30 cm diameter
Trimming Diameter1.5-7.8 Inches / 4-20 cm
Additional FeaturesDouble Card Lock

Why Opt For Liviosa Pottery Turntable Clamp?

Liviosa Pottery Turntable Clamp imparts stability when you work with your projects, whether small or big. It ensures that the repairs are done safely and accurately. The pocket-friendly pricing ensures you don’t have to invest a fortune just to repair your artwork. Moreover, the Liviosa Clamp lasts for a long time due to the high-quality ABS plastic make.

Both the bottom and top locks of the clamp are adjustable to ensure they can easily fit into any turntable and hold pottery ware of various sizes. In addition, the three-lock equilateral design provides added stability to ensure you can repair your piece smoothly.

How To Use The Liviosa Pottery Turntable Clamp?

In order to use this clamp, simply align the clamp’s base with your turntable. Next, rotate the clamp’s bottom plate in order to jam it tightly on the turntable. Now, pull the locking mechanism in the clamp’s middle to secure it in place. You can now place the pottery ware on the place and adjust the clamp according to your need and depending on the size of the piece being worked upon.


All-in-all, the Liviosa Pottery Turntable Clamp is an excellent option for both starters and experienced pottery enthusiasts that need to repair their artwork. Investing in this high-quality yet affordable tool can help you work fast and accurately. Moreover, the durable ABS make ensures you do not have to look for another turntable clamp for a while.

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