Can I Spray Paint Pottery?

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Creating your ceramic piece and painting it the way you want is always fun. Especially the world of pottery flaunts many ways to deck up your creation in front of you. There are plenty of ways to give your pottery work a bolstering look, from glazing to pit firing. However, it may not always be suitable for beginners to glaze their pottery by following many intricate steps.


On the other hand, it seems fun to experiment with multiple ways of pottery decoration. Keeping that in mind, you might think if you can spray paint your pottery or not. Well, you can. But how do you do so? Here is all you need to know about it.


Why can spray paint be an excellent option to decorate your pottery?

Before you spray paint your pottery, you might look out for some suitable reasons to support your decisions. Here are some of the reasons why your idea about spray painting pottery is good.


  • Easy to apply

One of the first things that will come to your mind while spray painting a ceramic is, the job is super easy. There is simply no need to prepare yourself for a massive round of processes. All you will need is, a spray bottle and the ceramic and start coloring.


  • Offers better coverage

The best part about the spray painting technique is that you can easily get coverage for a large area. So, spray paints can be quite a convenient option when it comes to painting your larger ceramic pots.


  • Time-efficient

You will hardly need a few minutes to spray paint your ceramic pot thoroughly. Especially, using a spray bottle to decorate your ceramic pot will not at all require too much time.


  • Great way to revamp your old creations

To give your old ceramic pots a completely new look, you can entirely rely upon spray paints. You can easily design any of your old ceramics using a spray bottle only.


How do you spray paint your ceramics?

As you know that you can easily spray paint your ceramics, you will need to ensure that you are following the correct process. First, you will need to choose the right paint that will go well with your ceramics.


What is the right spray paint for your ceramics?

Before you prepare yourself for a fun-filled painting venture, you will need to make sure that you are picking a paint that is made to stay on the surface of the ceramics. Not all paints will be suitable for ceramic-decorating purposes.


Here are the suitable types of paints to use while picking one.

Types of pottery

Suitable spray paints

For the small kinds of the ceramics
Acrylic spray paints are suitable for the small pieces
For medium-sized ceramics
You can use acrylic or epoxy paints to color your medium-sized pot
For larger ceramics
Large-sized potteries are better painted with latex and epoxy that come with better adhesive.



Step-by-step guide on spray painting your ceramic

As you have picked the most suitable paint as per the requirement and size of your pottery, now it is time to follow up the proper process.


Step 1: Clean up your ceramic properly

To ensure a smooth application of your spray paint, you will need to prepare your pottery properly. An unglazed and smooth ceramic can give you the best performance. All you need to do is wash and wipe your piece properly.


Properly washing and scrubbing your pottery with a mild soap cleaner and water will ensure that there is no oiliness, grime, dirt, etc., left over the surface of your pottery. You can also use sandpaper to scrub the surface of your pottery. It would be better to remove the sheen from the surface to make sure the paint sticks to it properly. After washing your pottery piece, dry it properly.


Step 2: Pick a suitable place to start your work

Before you start painting straight away, you will need to prepare your workspace correctly. One thing that you should keep in mind is that spray paint will create a lot of mess. The droplets of the paint are about to spread everywhere. Thus, it would be better if you find a corner in your home where staining will not concern you much. Well, you can stop staining by arranging some old newspapers to protect your floor and walls.


It is recommended to pick a vast and well-vented place for painting. Gather some cardboard or newspaper to put on the place where you will keep your painted ceramic.


Step 3: Paint your piece thoroughly

Post the preparation, you are left with only one simple task, i.e., painting your pot using a spray bottle. Here is how you do it.


  1. First of all, add a good primer on the surface of your pottery piece. A primer is a must for various reasons. Firstly, it will prepare your ceramics for further painting by making the surface smooth. Secondly, it renders longevity to the paint. Thirdly, it makes sure that the pot’s surface is not relentlessly absorbing all the paint away.
  2. To prep up your pottery for painting, you can use McKee’s 37 Coating Spray. This primer comes with a higher lubricity formula which is easy to apply. It removes any polish residue and silicone oils. Also, it creates a beautiful foundation on the surface to ensure that your paint has nicely adhered to your pot.
  3. As you are done with the application of the primer, let it sit for some time to become dry for further ease of working.
  4. Take your spray color bottle and fix aim to paint your piece by maintaining an 8-inch distance.
  5. Cover every inch of your ceramic by moving your hands in suitable motions and let the paint sit for some time before you apply the second coat.
  6. Apply another coat of paint by repeating the same process of sweeping motion to get the desired color for your piece.
  7. Let it dry.



It feels very satisfying to cover up every inch with the spray of paint that comes out of the bottle with one simple tap. However, even though the task seems a bit tricky initially, we are sure that if you experiment with it regularly, you can master the skill. All you need to do is, pick a good quality paint that will last on the surface of your pottery piece. However, always remember to wear your old clothes while spray painting your pottery to avoid staining and ruining your apparel.


Happy Sculpting!

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