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If you’re passionate about pottery work, then you must know how tricky it is to understand the texture of the clay and how much effort it takes to work with clay. And you can’t deny the fact that how much handy a pottery tool is when it comes to shaping and sculpting the clay.


However, when it becomes difficult to work with leather-hard clays, many people throw it away, but you should not do so. At this point, a clay shredder is a perfect tool that can help you to reshape and shred the leather-hard clay so that you can work with it again. Sherrill Mudtools Small Shredder Rasp is the perfect tool that allows you to impressively shape and carve the clay while giving it a proper texture.


Now, you don’t have to struggle anymore with your leather-hard clay. Just take the Sherrill Mudtools clay shredder and go on working. This tool is the best in terms of working and quality as compared to any other products available in the market. Here is a complete review of the Sherrill Mudtools Small Shredder Rasp Tool that you may refer to while buying it.


Why choose Sherrill Mudtools Small Shredder Rasp Tool over wooden rasps for pottery?

While working with an ordinary wooden rasp available in the market, you must have noticed that such shredders do the job but not in a convenient way. Sometimes, the clay gets clogged into the holes of the rasp and makes it quite irritating for the users to work with it again. Also, the grips of the wooden rasp shredders are not that good to work with. If you don’t hold the tool correctly, then the work will automatically become frustrating and tiresome.


Sherrill Mudtools Small Shredder Rasp Tool is made while keeping those problems in mind. Michael designed this particular tool in a more organized way with an ergonomic grip and nicely shaped blades that make the task easier, especially for those who work with ceramics.


The idea of clay shredder was not there until the sculptors and artists realized how nicely the blades of wood shredder worked on the leather-hard clays. The purpose of this fantastic sculpting tool is to make the artworks more detailed and a beautiful one. So, if you’re in thoughts of why to opt for a clay shredder, stop thinking any further and buy one, because not every carving can be done with hands. Maybe the minor ones you can do with your bare hands, but when it comes to detailed sculpting, then you need the help of the clay shredders like Sherrill Mudtools Small Shredder Rasp Tool.


How does the Sherrill Mudtools Small Shredder Rasp Tool work?

Working with this shredder is not only easy but also satisfying. The ultra-sharp blades quickly scrape off and remove the unwanted clay, no matter how hard it might have turned. The curved shape of the tool makes it easier for the sculptors to move it according to the contour of the pot.



Also, the quickness and smoothness the tool provide while shaving off the excess material clay from your pottery gives you a satisfactory experience. The small size of the shredder, having a width of only 2.5”, makes it easier for you to carry it almost everywhere. You need not worry about the heavyweight of the tool while working with it. The lightweight of the shredder helps it to move the way you want and that too, with much ease. Moreover, the tool is not only convenient to work with small shaped potteries but also with bigger shapes of ceramics to a certain extent.


The best part about the shredder is its easy-to-handle design. It is designed in such a way that it gives you a firm grip over the handle. The plastic body handle is lightweight and easy-to-hold, hence making it safer and easier for you to work with sharp blades. A tool that is designed so minutely, automatically gives you the best experience while working with it. Moreover, working with lightweight and handy tools is easy to work with as compared to heavyweight tools.


Features of the Sherrill Mudtools Small Shredder Rasp Tool for Pottery:

  • Ideal for shaping and carving: The primary purpose of this tool is to shape and carve the leather-hard clay efficiently


  • Open blades: The open blade shape of this tool helps in scraping off the excess clay from your pottery evenly to give it a beautiful texture. Also, the blades are quite sharp, yet safe to use.


  • Ergonomic grip: The lightweight plastic body handle attached to the shredder makes it easy for the user to hold the tool and use it comfortably. Also, the handle comes in various colors.


  • Waste clay doesn’t clog: The scrapped off clay doesn’t clog into the tool and gets removed from it quite easily.


Pros and cons of the clay shredder rasp tool:

Working with this tool is always helpful and easy. But, before buying a tool for your pottery studio, you must know everything about it. Select a device based on the requirements of your type of work. Sometimes, the tool you buy may not help you the way you want it to. So, it is better to know about the equipment accurately before spending your valuable money.


Here are the pros and cons of the Sherrill Mudtools Small Shredder Rasp Tool for Pottery:



Lightweight and Easy to use. The handle might get detached due to rough use.
Compact and Strong grip. Blades might catch rust over time.
Share blades & waste clay doesn’t clog inside. Not that much beneficial for bigger projects.



How to care for and maintain the Sherrill Mudtools Small Shredder Rasp Tool?



The performance of the tool depends on how you’re storing it and taking care of it. Even if the blades are sharp, they can become blunt if you won’t properly clean the shredder. Though the tool does not get clogged with waste clay, it would be better if you take a brush and clean the shredder evenly after every use so that no extra dust or clay material remain stuck in it.


Also, you must not wash it with water after working. If you do so, make sure you’re drying it properly before storing it inside the plastic bag, as the water may cause the formation of rust on it. Don’t leave the shredder rasp tool exposed in humid and moist weather. Keep it covered in a dry place.



Tools are designed specially to make your job easier. So, it is always handy to choose the right tool for the right purpose to do your work faster and without any hassle. Sherrill Mudtools Small Shredder Rasp Tool for Pottery is such equipment that makes your pottery work smoother and gives you pleasure while working with it. You can easily buy the Sherrill Mudtools Small Shredder Rasp Tool from any online or offline hardware shop. Just check the labeling and quality of the product to verify if it’s original or not. If it’s all fine, then you are good to go with the tool.




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