Review of Arteza Pottery & Clay Sculpting Tools

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I know how pottery can be stressful and difficult without the right tools. Trust me when I say I have been there before. Imagine building up the walls of your pot without a pottery wheel, glazing your piece without a proper glaze brush or bucket or sculpting your pottery pieces without the right tools. I don’t explain how draining the process is going to be.



Nowadays, with the steady invention in terms of technology, pottery has been easier. You don’t need to go through the rigorous process ancient potters went through to become a pro or master of pottery if you are equipped with the right tools and equipment. Today, I will be talking about Arteza tools that will improve your pottery skills and bring your pottery to life.



Arteza Tools is a set of 42 different tools that will make your pottery easier. It contains different Markers, Pens, Pencils & Pastels that can be used in crafting your masterpiece. Being the number 1 best seller on amazon, it contains the basic and sophisticated tools that will take you from a beginner to a pro in pottery.

Sometimes you need more than your thumb and fingers to sculpt your masterpiece. Trim, smooth, cut, texture, model, shape, carve and scrape with this complete set of 42 pottery and clay sculpting tools. Perfect for any beginner or pro working at the wheel or hand-building, each tool in this set will act as an extension of your fingers for any detail you desire. With everything from loop and wood tools to wires and sponges, the ergonomic wooden handles allow you to create comfortably as you fashion the most intricate details of your piece.


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    • Wide Variety – Arteza contains every tool for finishing and detail work on thrown or handmade pieces.
    • Durable Stainless Steel – All the tools in the toolset are maximum precision with steel that doesn’t rust or bend.
    • Professional Quality – With precise measurements, Arteza tools are high-grade materials that work well for both beginners and pros
    • Easy-to-Grip – With its Ergonomic, smooth, wooden handles, you don’t need to stress yourself trying to get a hold of the tools. They are designed for your maximum comfort.
    • Cheap- It very cheap and economical when compared to other pottery tools set




The most exciting thing about this amazing toolset is that it is cheap. It costs slightly less than $27 on amazon. You can order yours by clicking here. The amazing $27 toolset will blow your mind away. Although other stores sell this item between $28 – $38, I will say it’s worth more.



Like I mentioned earlier, you can get it on amazon by simply clicking here.

Another amazing thing about Arteza is that they provide artists with a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products. They are readily available to assist you and answer your questions 24/7 via email, telephone, and social media. So what are you waiting for? Order yours today!

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