Remarkable U Natural White Non-Toxic Air Dry Clay: Complete Review

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Air-dry clay is pliable and safe-to-use clay that hardens when exposed to air without the need for oven baking. Most air-dry clay tends to dry out within 24 hours and even less, depending on the environmental conditions. They are ideal for texturing, stamping, sculpting, and molding. Once it dries out, it can be used with any variant of decoration media such as stain, varnish, and paint. Air-dry clay is perfect when used for making figurines, frames, coasters, beads, tiles, & more.



But, which air-dry clay should you use? A great option you can try is the Remarkable U Natural White Non-Toxic Air Dry Clay. Let us know more about its features!


Features of Remarkable U Natural White Air Dry Clay

The Remarkable U Natural White Air-Dry Clay doesn’t require any form of baking. This helps you save up on the heavy expenses such as oven and kilns that are required with polymer clay or earthenware clay. The clay starts hardening when it is exposed to air to ensure an easy finishing.


However, in the process, it allows you enough time to mold, knead, and design with. It is ideal for different types of crafting techniques. Remarkable U can be used for pinching, coiling, sculpting, hand building, armature modeling, & even for pottery wheel throwing purposes.


Plus, the clay is easy to use with a bit of water and the magic of your hands. The clay kneads with ease and is soft enough for rolling with a pin or creating intricate designs. You can try a range of tools to craft with this air-dry clay. Moreover, the clay doesn’t crack or break during the drying process.


The clay is fun to decorate and paint with. The finishing achievable with air-dry clay is glitch-free and doesn’t flake as the colors start to dry. You can use markers, paints, and a range of mixed mediums that can help add some beautiful colors to all-white clay once it is completely dry. It is recommended that you seal the clay after it has dried out completely to help keep the moisture off from the finished piece.



Brand Remarkable U
Weight 10 lbs
Color White
Toxicity Non-Toxic, All-Natural
Package Dimensions 6.73 X 6.34 X 6.25 Inches



The best thing about this clay is the fact that it is 100 percent natural & non-toxic in nature. So, you can safely use it with your children and have a gala time creating something amazing and exploring the beauty of creativity. Created in the USA, this clay is the epitome of quality & comes in a 10-pound reusable slab that ensures you can craft multiple projects or create a big batch for your business purpose.


The clay doesn’t become fragile after getting dry. However, this would vary depending on the thickness of the clay you have rolled in for the project.


Make sure you wrap up the clay mold with a moist cloth during the molding process. This will help retain the moisture in the clay and avoid random dry-out issues. For storage purposes, make sure you keep it inside an air-tight container. The finished project can be sealed with the help of shellac to ensure water doesn’t get into the piece.



Remember that clay tends to shrink during the drying process. It is true for all air-dry clay, including the Remarkable U Air-Dry Clay. So, make sure you plan your projects in accordance with the shrinkage. Keep your crafted pieces in an airy room and keep rotating them every few hours to ensure it dries out evenly from all sides. Doing this will produce optimum results.



So, the next time you are shopping for air-dry clay, remember, nothing could beat the results you get with Remarkable U White Air-Dry Clay. Given that the clay is non-toxic, all you need is the basic tools and some creativity to make something unique. Remember, kneading is important to ensure the clay becomes soft enough for the crafting process. Within 24 hours of crafting with this clay, you will have a beautiful clay piece ready to be painted on with some bright colors, embellishments, markers, or any color variant of your choice.

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