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Trimming pottery pieces is something that gives shape to your artwork. However, the process itself could be fairly long and tiresome. Plus, imagine all the pain you have to go through to keep your hands right in place to remove the unwanted clay trims. To make things easy for you, Giffin Grip is an amazing option. This tool helps with the quick centering of the ceramic piece and holds your clay in place to aid the trimming process. It takes away the hard work from the trimming process and makes it all the more fun.


However, if you are someone with a budget, Giffin Grip might be a bit too much for you. So, could you get something similar at a cheaper price or something better at the same price? Well, let us discuss a great alternative for Giffin Grip that you can use as a beginner artist and take off that extra load from your hands!


KKTECT Pottery Turntable Sculpting Wheel

Let us take a look at the first alternative of Giffin Grip. The KKTECT Pottery Turntable Sculpting Wheel is a great pottery repair and trimming tool that looks feels and works similarly to the Giffin Grip. This pottery tool is crafted from ABS material that is of the highest quality and doesn’t break down easily.


The plate clamp works with equal efficiency as the metal material that holds the clamp together. Moreover, the material doesn’t rust away easily, which adds to the durability factor. To clean the clamp and the turntable, simply rinse the surface using clean water and finally wipe off the remnants with a clean cloth.



The design isn’t complicated and is easy to use, even for beginner artists. Simply place the clamp on your turntable ceramic machine. With a click, the clasp will attach to the turntable, and you can get started with the sculpting process. You can easily locate the tool’s center, which makes it easy to repair your artwork.


You can also use the foot support that is positioned high to help avoid the clay from throwing out as the repair works are going on. This repairing tool is perfect for gifting purposes and can be used at pottery clubs or workshops for beginners.


This turntable with a clasp is designed for pottery machines with a pottery plate diameter of 7.8 inches to 11.8 inches. The trimming diameter is about 1.5 inches to 7.8 inches. KKTECT Store Turntable Tool is best suited for pottery wheels with a detachable basin. This pottery tool works for both left and right-handed individuals with an easy sculpting process.


So, if these features feel good to you in terms of price, you can surely invest in the KKTECT Pottery Turntable Sculpting Tool.



Brand KKTECT Store
Product Weight 3.25 pounds
Trimming Diameter 1.5 Inches-7.8 Inches
Packaged Dimensions 11.73 Inches X 11.73 Inches X 3.62 Inches
Rod Length 3.54 Inches
Pottery Plate Diameter 7.8 Inches-11.8 Inches
Material ABS Plastic + Metal



Now, let us take a look at another great alternative to Giffin Grip.


VOGOUS Pottery Turntable Sculpting Wheel

The VOGOUS Pottery Turntable Sculpting Wheel is fairly easy to work with. The center is easy to locate and helps you with the repair process making it fast and accurate with zero wobbliness. You can use its high-position foot to fix the clay piece. The turntable is designed in a manner that prevents the clay from throwing out as the repair takes place.



The turntable is easy to install. Just place your repair clamp atop the turntable in the ceramic pottery wheel and lock it in place. The VOGOUS sculpting wheel also uses high-quality ABS plastic, which is durable and strong enough to last for years. It is just as strong and durable as the Giffin Grip.


It is matched in terms of durability with the metal clasp holdings. Make sure you clean the turntable after use to ensure the parts do not get stuck in place. In terms of the working range, the sculpting turntable can fit in potter plates between the range of 7.8 inches and 11.8 inches. Moreover, this turntable provides a trimming diameter range of 1.5 inches and 7.8 inches.


With these features in mind, you can bring home the VOGOUS Pottery Turntable Sculpting Wheel at a pocket-friendly price as compared to the Giffin Grip.



Product Weight 3.25 pounds
Product Dimensions 11.73 Inches X 11.57 Inches X 3.7 Inches
Trimming Diameter 1.5 Inches-7.8 Inches
Plate Diameter 7.8 Inches-11.8 Inches
Material ABS Plastic + Metal



How can you use these turntables for sculpting?

Now that you have some amazing alternatives for Giffin Grip, you need to understand the best ways to use these turntables.


1-Use It For Your Trimming Needs:

Sculpting turntables are best for trimming excess clay from the piece and giving it a good design and shape. Start slowly to get a good hold of the trimming process with turntables. As you progress, you can increase or decrease the speed as required.


2-To Shape Up the Clay:

You can also use these turntables to shape up your clay piece in places where it is wonky. These stable surfaces help you craft with ease.


3-To Hold the Clay For Drying Out:

When you are done with the trimming and sculpting process, you can simply let the piece dry out with the clamps to hold it in place. This ensures that the pot doesn’t fall off your wheel after you are done crafting due to any random accidents.



With these amazing options, you can save a lot while staying on a budget. Trimming doesn’t have to be a tiresome process anymore. Simply use this turntable to rotate your piece and trim with ease without having to worry about moving along with the clay. Plus, the possibility of attaching it to your pottery wheel makes the trimming process smooth and fast. This helps you complete bulk orders in a stipulated time frame. So, start the sculpting process that is fast, easy, and accurate!

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