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  • What is Raw Glazing?

    What is Raw Glazing?

    The world of pottery making is simply superb with its rapture and creativity. Not only the entire process of pottery making is fantastic but also adding glaze to the pot renders a whole new life […]

  • What is Leather Hard Clay?

    What is Leather Hard Clay?

    When learning the art of pottery, you will learn that clay passes through 4 different and distinctive stages. The very first stage involves plastic-like, soft, and workable clay. In the 2nd stage, the clay is […]

  • What is Obvara Firing, and How to Perform it?

    What is Obvara Firing, and How to Perform it?

    As we unfold the unknown territories of pottery firing, let us work through a crucial chapter in the Obvara firing book. This type of firing is relatively unknown in the market, with less information for […]

  • What To Do With Your Bad Pottery?

    What To Do With Your Bad Pottery?

    You might be fond of pottery making, and that love of yours made you come to this field to build your own pottery piece. But what to do with the bad pieces that you have […]

  • The Many Different Types of Pottery

    The Many Different Types of Pottery

    Pottery is an incredible way of giving clay the shape of one’s mind. Pottery is one of the most ancient forms of art, which people adapted to incorporate their artistry of mind to make life […]

  • What is Nerikomi Pottery?

    What is Nerikomi Pottery?

    The world of pottery is rich with numerous techniques of pottery building. Once you start exploring it one by one, there is no looking back. It is a continuous journey of exploring various innovative ways […]

  • Slab Pottery Building Basics

    Slab Pottery Building Basics

    Nothing can be more fun than pottery building, as it comes with various techniques that are enticing to unleash. While we think about pottery building, the first image of the technique that comes to our […]

  • What is Sgraffito Pottery?

    What is Sgraffito Pottery?

    Pottery emerged into the world of creativity in ancient times, as people felt the need for it. Nevertheless, it has eventually grown vastly. There is a myriad of pottery types, which are available all over […]

  • Types of Pottery Glazes

    Types of Pottery Glazes

    Glazing serves various purposes in pottery. It adds a safe coating to your bisque-fired wares, making it food-safe and waterproof. Also, it gives you enough room to play with your creativity. It enables you to […]

  • Why Does Pottery Make Us Happy?

    Why Does Pottery Make Us Happy?

    Doing anything that has a prime relationship with creativity leads you to immense pleasure. Being an age-old popular practice from ancient times, pottery is loved by all. The fascinating process of pottery making indulges one […]