The Benefits of Home Oven Pottery Making for Mental Health

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Today more than ever, mental health is being given priority. After COVID-19 took a toll globally, people were stuck inside their houses. The constant fear and restrictions gave rise to the number of people suffering from mental health issues. However, many found peace in home oven pottery making. Yes, you don’t really need costly tools and equipment to craft some beautiful pottery wares. While this art form surely requires effort and time, it is all worth it in the long run. So, how does home oven pottery-making benefit your mental health? Keep reading to find out the details!

Why Is Home Oven Pottery Making A Great Hobby?

Whether you wish to pursue home oven pottery making as a hobby or plan to take it full scale as a business, this art form is fulfilling and helps you evolve as a person. Before home oven pottery making became a norm for pottery artists, one had to invest in expensive kilns to create a pottery ware collection. However, with experimentation and some skills, today, we can create artwork that is equally beautiful and durable as pottery ware fired in a kiln. It is just a matter of selecting the right clay type and perfecting the process with regular practice.

So, here is how home oven pottery making benefits your mental health:

1. No Stress Of Investment:

Often the thought of investing a lot of money in any new art you learn can deter you from doing so. Moreover, it can also take a toll on your mental health when you have to figure out your budget. However, home oven pottery making doesn’t require a lot of financial investment, and this makes it an amazing hobby for those that do not have a budget to invest in pricey kilns or pottery wheels. Pocket-friendly pottery kits such as the Pott’d Store Air-dry Clay Kit are perfect for beginner artists that come with all the essential tools to help you sculpt with ease.

2. Reduces Anxiety:

When you indulge in home oven pottery making, you aren’t in a competitive environment. Even if your artwork doesn’t turn out right on the first attempt, you can keep trying without anyone judging you over your mistakes. It is a repetitive creative activity that helps build a positive channel inside your mind and reduces anxiety levels.

Working with different types of clay variants and trying to create something new creates a sense of calmness where you forget everything, and time passes by rapidly. This is the time when you are relaxed and switched off from your worldly worries.

3. Improves Focus:

Home oven pottery making allows you to cut off from things that dumb down your brain. Instead, you can align your mind in a better way and focus on creating something new. When crafting a piece with clay, you can carry out daily tasks in life in a better way with enhanced focus. Most pottery artists compare pottery making to meditation. When you work alone in a location that is known to you and comfortable as well, you overcome any blockages in your mind. In the long run, you will find that your mind is sharper than ever.

4. Discover Your Creative Side:

Everyone in this world is creative in their own way. However, the daily worries in life accompanied by stress and tension leads to a rapid fading of your creative genius. Although the technology boom has made things faster and easier for us, we give far less importance to physical effort, which is crucial for the optimal functioning of our minds and body.

Using your hands to knead clay and form designs releases endorphins in your body and helps unlock your brain’s potential to churn out something creative, something you haven’t done before.


Home oven pottery making can help alleviate worrisome symptoms such as loneliness, anxiety, depression, and more. It imparts better mental health and helps you stay optimistic. Pottery making could either be an extra-curricular activity or something you want to pursue full-time as a career option. The best thing about home oven pottery making is that it is a tangible art form that alleviates your senses. Yes, you won’t be perfect right from the start. However, creating something new will impart a sense of achievement and help you feel proud whilst contributing to better mental health in the long run.

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