Sax True Flow Crystal Glaze Review

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When it comes to giving a smooth texture to a pottery piece, nothing can be better than a glaze. However, not all glazes are the same. Hence, it is wise to choose your glaze very carefully that can turn your pottery piece into a masterpiece.



If you are seeking for the best glaze that can help you create stunning pottery pieces, then nothing can be better than the Sax True Flow Crystal Magic Glaze from School Specialty. This glaze is designed with the potter’s crucial needs in mind. When trying to craft your pottery items, you need a glaze that is completely transparent to avoid ay overshadowing issues for the colors you add to the pottery.


This transparent glaze brought to you by the Sax packs in tiny crystals is hustled with a high-quality speckled base to allow easy melting & moving during the firing process. It allows the colors added to the pottery to bloom, providing you with unique and beautiful results. In the process of firing the pot, the base Sax glaze will fade away as well as cascade when the same is fired at the Cone 6 temperature, which is an ideal one for this glossy coating.


While most potters prefer opting for the cone 9 or 2300°F temperature, it is ideal to go for the cone 6 temperature (2232°F) when using the Sax True Flow Crystal for the best results. Additionally, the glaze is stable and doesn’t deteriorate even when the temperature it is exposed to after firing goes below the freezing point.


Ideal for artists and students learning new crafting techniques, this particular pottery glaze is free of lead or cadmium, which is notoriously famous for causing poisoning issues. Although the glaze isn’t toxic, it isn’t recommended for use with dinnerware given the fact that it tends to react with the items that are kept on the surface, especially when it is hot or acidic.


The Sax True Flow crystal is AP certified and contains no allergens that can affect the user before or after the firing process. Available in a range of colors, this glaze is ideal for all your pot painting needs. The color crystals move around during the firing process to create beautiful patterns that make each project of your unique and shiny.


The glaze is thick enough to allow you to coat with even a single brush stroke and leave a lasting effect that doesn’t come off abruptly or way too soon. Additionally, the colors come out just as stated in the labels with no shade variance and ample added shine.


Several potters or crafters complain of brush strokes showing up post the firing process with their glaze. However, this is not the case with Sax glaze. This product efficiently melts and covers all the uneven spaces in your pot or crockery items without leaving any mark or scuffs that surface up during the glaze painting process. Depending on how you want the texture in your pot, you can decide whether you need one coating or two. If you need a clean and glossy texture, an ideal two-stroke would be perfect for your needs with Sax glaze.


So, if you need a glaze with striking colors and perfect depth plus quality, make sure you buy the Sax True Flow Crystal Magic Glaze.

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