Non-Toxic Pottery Glazes For Beginners

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Gone are the days when pottery glazes were made with toxic chemical ingredients that did impart bright colors but also released toxic fumes when fired in a kiln. Today, the pottery glaze world has changed completely. Potters have now realized the importance of using glazes that are free of toxic chemicals as well as fumes. Ingredients such as potassium carbonate, fluorspar, soda ash, and alkaline feldspars can irritate your skin. Moreover, the glaze mists might contain elements such as lead that can be very toxic for pottery artists. So, what are some of the best non-toxic pottery glazes for beginners? Here is a complete list for you!

Top Non-Toxic Pottery Glazes For Beginners

1. Amaco Potters Choice Glaze:

The Amaco Potters Choice Glaze is an ideal choice among the options available in the market for non-toxic pottery glaze. Achieving bright and vibrant colors without the presence of lead is something this glaze branch has excelled at. It is formulated to achieve cone 10 glaze reduction effects without taking the temperature too high or using any reduction kiln. The Amaco Potters Choice Glaze series looks authentic and beautiful with each firing. For amazing results, the glaze must be fired at cone 04 low-fire bisque temperature.

2. Sax Colorburst True Flow Glaze:

For pottery artists that love to experiment and introduce new effects to their pottery pieces, the Sax Colorburst True Flow Glaze is a great option to try. It works best when fired to a cone 06 temperature and imparts a semi-transparent texture. The glaze is ideal for creating unique pieces that produce different yet beautiful results every time the pottery piece is fired. Although it isn’t dinnerware safe, given its surface characteristics, the Sax Colorburst is non-toxic under AP Certified safety protocol. However, the peacock green glaze contains a trace amount of soluble copper, which isn’t completely non-toxic. So, keep this in mind when purchasing the Sax Colorburst True Flow Glaze.

3. Mayco EL122P EL122 Non-Toxic Glaze:

If a dinnerware-safe pottery glaze is your need of the hour, the Mayco EL122P EL122 Non-Toxic Glaze is the best thing you can get your hands on. This glaze is perfect for beginners who wish to achieve the vibrancy of high-fire glaze while working on low-fire cone temperatures. The natural and earthy tones look gorgeous and do not fade away even when kept outside. The flowing texture of the glaze ensures smooth application, especially for beginners who aren’t fine-tuned with glaze application. Although the glaze is non-toxic, it shouldn’t be ingested. The Mayco Non-Toxic Glaze can be fired from cones 05 to 06. This is the best temperature to bring out its true color. Any temperature higher than this would cause the color to become very muddy-greenish with mostly black color.

4. Penguin Pottery Ceramic Glaze:

The Penguin Pottery Ceramic Glaze is the perfect option for pottery artists looking for a mid-fire to high-fire glaze. This ceramic glaze is both lead-free and non-toxic, making it food safe when fired at the right temperature. Apart from imparting vibrant colors to your pottery work, it also introduces interesting tonality and effects that might not be achievable in low-fire temperatures. Keep in mind that this glaze has the tendency to settle at the base. So, make sure you drain out any excess glaze and apply it quickly.

Moreover, it is recommended that you mix the glaze thoroughly for a minimum of 1 to 2 minutes for smooth application. The Penguin Pottery Ceramic Glaze comes with a lifetime warranty which proves its quality and reliability, especially for beginners who are struggling to choose the right glaze for their artwork. This clear glaze doesn’t have any zinc, which makes it perfect for application over any type of underglaze decals or decorations. In order to get the best results with this ceramic glaze, it has to be fired at Cone 6.


With the ever-changing world of pottery glaze, it is important for pottery artists to prioritize non-toxic choices that are safe for the environment as well as the artist. Among these options reviewed in the article, the Amaco Potters Choice Glaze offers a remarkable combination of authenticity and vibrancy in terms of final fired output. In addition, with its special formulation, it is easy to achieve high-fire reduction effects when fired at low temperatures. Simply put, these non-toxic pottery glaze choices are an ideal blend of safety, reliability, and creativity for beginner artists.

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