DIY Home Decor Ideas Using Air Dry Clay

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Are you bored at home and have nothing to do? Well, instead of binge-watching something on Netflix, why don’t you release your creative juices and explore air-dry clay pottery? Apart from being a cheap and versatile medium, air-dry clay is also non-toxic, which makes it perfect for home décor projects. So, what can you make with air-dry clay? Let us check out some popular options you can try out!

1. Stamped Air-Dry Clay Plates:

Decorative plates are a great addition to your home décor. Whether you love beautiful floral patterns or geometric ones, they all look perfect on your living room wall. If you have a wall in your home that seems way too plain and boring, you can place these beautiful stamped air-dry clay plates to remove the monotony.

To make these DIY stamped plates, you can start by creating flat or slightly rounded plates with your air-dry clay. Now, when it comes to stamping, it should only be done after the air-dry clay has completely dried. You can use pre-made stamps available online or make one from home items such as sponges or any hard surface that can be carved into. Use acrylic colors to decorate these stamps. Remember, these plates are only good for decorative purposes and must not be used as kitchenware.

2. Hanging Planters:

How about adding some green to your home décor? Well, those greens also need some beautiful pots, and what better than air-dry clay pots? Now, one might think that air-dry clay isn’t waterproof. So, how can it be used as a pot for your plants? Well, the idea is to use them as a cover for the original boring planter. If your plant is already potted, simply place it inside your air-dry clay planter, and it should hold well. The water won’t seep into the planter, and it will add to the beauty of your room

Depending on whether you like your planters round or square, you can craft a beautiful hanging planter for your home décor needs. Make sure you add the holes to tie the ropes before the air-dry clay completely dries out.

3. Tea Light/Candle Holders:

If you are someone who loves a warm and cozy environment in your house, having some candles lit inside your home can get the job done. But, the object on which you place this can amp up the vibe. These tea light/candle holders are very easy to make and perfect for decorating the dining table.

Make sure you refrain from sealing the décor item when using it in conjunction with fire, as the sealants can be flammable.

4. Christmas Tree Décor:

For folks who love the Christmas festivities, nothing can be better than decorating the Christmas tree. So, if the holiday season is around the corner, what better way to experiment with air-dry clay than to craft some ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree?

Christmas décor items can be very pricey, and having something handmade can add a homely vibe to the room. All you need is your favorite air-dry clay brand, as well as some cutters that are set in different stamps or shapes. A great option you can try is the Baborui Clay Cutter Set. This 170-piece flower theme set is perfect for making Christmas ornaments or jewelry.

5. Cute Fridge Magnets:

While we already have some beautiful DIY home décor items for the dining and living room, how can we forget the kitchen? Depending on the theme you wish to reflect in your kitchen, you can create some cute fridge magnets with air-dry clay. For example, if you wish to go with a food theme, because, of course, it is a kitchen, you can create some pizzas, burgers, cookies on a plate, and other similar variants of fridge magnets.

When making these air-dry clay fridge magnets, make sure you stick the magnet on the miniature only after the clay dries out completely. You can use PVA glue for this.


Crafting DIY items for your home décor needs is a great way to indulge in a creative activity. Not just that, the types of home décor items you can create with air-dry clay are limitless. Whether you have years of crafting expertise or none at all, air-dry clay is very forgiving. Remember not to forget to seal your project if you wish to create a DIY item that has to be kept outside.

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