• The Best Paint for Clay Pottery 

    The Best Paint for Clay Pottery 

    When it comes to painting pottery, the first thing you’ll probably wonder, is what is the best paint for clay pottery? What works? Well, you’re about to find out. We’ll discuss the best options that […]

  • How to Choose the Right Pottery Clay

    How to Choose the Right Pottery Clay

    For many beginning the journey of pottery making, sometimes it’s a bit hard for those that are beginning to choose the pottery clay body that works for them, but here’s the thing, knowing about the […]

  • Kiln tips for Beginners

    Kiln tips for Beginners

    When it comes to building your pottery skills, having a kiln is a very important thing. Kilns are used to fire pottery, which is your work, and they are a huge part of making sure […]

  • All About Pottery Kilns

    All About Pottery Kilns

    Pottery kilns are important to understand since they are a big part of finishing a piece of pottery. This is how the clay and the glaze form the object that you’re making, and to use […]