Xiem Tools X-Bevel Cutter-Complete Review

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Crafting your pottery to finesse requires years of experience and a steady hand. However, with some good-quality and efficient tools, this process can get much faster and easier eliminating the possibility of errors. One such pottery crafting tool is the Xiem Tools X-Bevel Cutter. This specialized tool helps create beveled edges on your artwork. For the unversed, beveled edges are the angled or slanted edges on clay pieces that might be difficult to replicate with a knife or standard cutting tool. So, what is so different about the Xiem Tools X-Bevel Cutter? In this review, we will decode the features of this unique pottery tool allowing you to decide whether it is worth your hard-earned money!

Features Of Xiem Tools X-Bevel Cutter

Xiem’s X-Bevel cutter is perfect for prepping the edges of a piece before you join them via the slipping or scratching technique. Any experienced pottery artist would tell you that beveled edges tend to create a stronger bond between two pieces of clay as compared to any standard joint.

But, the features that make the Xiem Tools X-Bevel Cutter a go-to choice for experienced and beginner crafters are:

  • Ergonomic Design:

A big chunk of a potter’s work involves the use of their hands. So, it gets tiring if the project requires working extended hours. However, the Xiem Tools’ X-Bevel Cutter is designed in a way that doesn’t wear you down or tire your hands. The ergonomic design fits comfortably into one’s hands ensuring ease of use with precision in terms of control.

  • Taut Wire:

The tool’s taut wire design ensures a controlled and clean cut while minimizing the risk of distorting or tearing the clay.

  • Consistent Cuts:

A standout feature of the Xiem Tools’ X-Bevel Cutter is the fact that it ensures consistency when creating beveled edges on your pottery piece. Compared to using a scalpel or any other manual cutter, this X-Bevel Cutter can bevel at the same depth and angle each time creating and professional and polished finish.

  • Sturdy And Lightweight:

The best thing about this X-Bevel Cutter is the fact that it is sturdy in design yet light in weight. This makes it the go-to option for most professional and beginner pottery artists who tend to work with bulk projects.


Product Weight0.317 ounces
Item Dimensions5.5 inches X 1.5 inches X 0.25 inches

Xiem Tools X-Bevel Cutter: How To Use?

As it is with any tool, Xiem Tools’ X-Bevel Cutter also has a learning curve. It is recommended that you practice a bit with spare clay before you start using it on your primary project. This will allow you to understand the tool’s movement better and ensure consistent pressure throughout multiple projects.

When using the X-Bevel Cutter, it is important to go slow and steady. Rushing through the process can cause distorting and tearing of the clay edges. Moreover, you can always experiment with the depth and angle of the bevel to ensure consistent performance.


Backed by an ergonomic design, the Xiem Tools X-Bevel Cutter is a useful asset for any pottery artist seeking consistency and precision for their artwork’s beveled edges. Furthermore, it features the potential to enhance your slip-and-scratch techniques making it a must-have tool in your pottery studio.

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