Creative Paperclay for Modeling Compound: Complete Review

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Paperclay is a revolutionary choice among pottery enthusiasts that works synonymously the way air-dry clay works. It is processed with the help of cellulose fiber such as paper. The best thing about using this clay variant is the fact that it doesn’t require much technical skill when compared to conventional clay. This makes it perfect for beginner artists that need to work on the technique rather than understanding the behavior of the clay.


In this vertical, the Creative Paperclay for Modeling Compound is a popular choice. So, let us learn more about this clay.


Features of Creative Paperclay

Available in a 16-ounce pack, this clay comes in the classic white color, which can easily be tinted with a color of your choice. Creative Paperclay is a unique type of air-hardening clay that doesn’t require any baking or firing to achieve permanency.


The clay can easily be molded, sculpted, and shaped when it stays moist. It can easily retain and accept details for an intricate design process. The best thing about this clay is the fact that it is acid-free and non-toxic in the formulation. So, you don’t have to worry about any health issues when used in the long haul.



In terms of drying time, the thickness of the project would matter a lot. Ideally, a project with 1/4th thickness of 1 inch would dry out completely within 24 hours or less. When painting the clay, keep in mind that it can re-hydrate the clay once again. So, let it dry again completely.


If you plan on keeping the project outside, make sure you seal it to avoid it from getting re-hydrated due to the moisture. The clay can easily withstand harsh winter temperature drops and still look just as vibrant.


For faster drying, the clay can also be baked in your standard home oven. Unlike the polymer clay models, this clay doesn’t generate any toxic fumes during and after the baking process. Given that the clay contains a good amount of fiber, the surface can become textured and coarse. So, the key is to sand the surface lightly to achieve a smooth texture.


What is Creative Paperclay made of?

Creative Paperclay contains glue, paper pulp, water, filler, & other ingredients. Its filler content comprises highly processed and quality volcanic ash, making it lightweight, unique, & durable post finishing.


One thing you need to keep in mind is that it is similar to air-dry clay in functionality. The Creative Paperclay can also shrink during the drying process. The percentage, however, ranges on the lower side of 5 to 7 percent as compared to air-dry clay.


Product Specifications

Brand Name Creative Paperclay
Product Dimensions 4 Inches X 1 Inches X 8 Inches
Color Variants White
Origin Country Japan
Odor Odorless




So, the next time you think of safe and unique clay, Creative Paperclay for Modeling Compound could be your go-to choice. This clay is especially scalable for beginner crafters that are wary of baking or firing. You can also use it on surfaces such as canvas or wood without the need for glue.

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